T&SC Member Discount Program

Cherokee Bill's Trade Center


Consecutive years as a T&SC member (discount begins immediately in first year)

Year 1 = up to** 10% discount on all purchases (including special orders).

Year 2 = up to** 20% discount on all purchases (including special orders).

Year 3 = up to** 30% discount on all purchases (including special orders).

Year 4 = up to** 40% discount on all purchases (including special orders).

Year 5 = up to** 50% discount on all purchases (including special orders).

**Discount cannot reduce the price below cost (wholesale plus shipping) which is marked
on each item.  For items not marked with a cost, the full discount applies. 

Discounts do not apply for items purchased with trade credits.
Trade credit transactions are handled using retail prices. 

Discount coupons, if issued, are for the exclusive use of the member
and are not transferable.  Coupons expire July 4. 

A missed year of membership returns the discount to year one. 

Membership in a Teaching & Sharing Center branch
carries the same status and benefits as primary T&SC membership.

Lifetime memberships automatically qualify at the 5 consecutive year level.

This agreement between the T&SC Board of Trustees and william (Cherokee Bill) approved June 22, 2013 replaces all prior discount programs.


Paying a membership could translate into a financial gain

"This is the best discount program ever developed for members of the Teaching & Sharing Centers (including branch memberships).  Under the previous plans some members have already saved, in product discounts, more than what they gave even for a lifetime ($700) membership.  The gift shop is small, and holds only so much inventory.  But, with the many suppliers we are connected to, by utilizing your discount on special orders, you can easily save way more than any membership paid." 

-  Cherokee Bill

417 S Bridge St (second block south of the downtown light since 1994)

cell phone (517) 627-7366


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