The Cherokees fought a bitter war with the Creeks for thirty years, sometimes winning and sometimes losing. The decisive battle occurred in 1755 at Tali'wa, near Long Swamp Creek which enters the Etowah River above Canton, Georgia. A witness of the battle called it the hardest ever fought between the two tribes. About five hundred Cherokees engaged twice that number of Creek warriors. At first the Cherokees were overmatched and driven back. A sixteen year old Cherokee girl named Nancy lay behind a log loading rifles for her husband, Kingfisher. When Kingfisher was killed, Nancy took up his guns and fought the Creeks with such courage that the Cherokees rallied again and returned to the attack, driving the Creeks from cover so that they broke and ran. The victory was so complete and decisive that the Creeks immediately abandoned the whole upper portion of Georgia and the adjacent part of Alabama to the Cherokees. 


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