During the War of 1812 the United States faced defeat on all fronts. The National Capitol went up in flames, and in the south the frontier was at the mercy of hostile Creek Indians. Facing the Creeks was General Andrew Jackson with an army of Tennessee backwoodsmen and a regiment of Cherokees. The final confrontation came heavily fortified Creek position on the Tallipoosa River, called the Horse-Shoe Bend. 

The thick breast-works of the Creeks made Jackson's artillery useless. The Tennesseans attempted a storming frontal assault, but were thrown back with great loss of life. When the situation seemed hopeless the Cherokees swam the river to attack the Creeks from the rear. The deadly rifle fire of the Cherokees soon drove the Creeks from behind their protective breast-works where they were slaughtered by Jackson’s men. Jackson admitted that the Cherokees were responsible for his victory here which started him on the road to the White House. 


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