Fall Color Cruise & Island Festival 1991


By the time Fall Color Cruise & Island Festival rolled around in 1991, I was involved as a member with Project Lakewell.  I had provided a spaghetti meal at my house (within walking distance at only about three blocks from the island) previously, which evolved into a tradition. Lakewell participants also used the shower in my office building (Teaching & Sharing Center of Grand Ledge today), and some even camped out in my back room rather than sleep in tents on the island. 

The Spirit of Lansing and Princess Laura riverboats were both (above photo) in operation at the 1991 festival. The Spirit of Lansing was the J&K Steamboat riverboat which was often used at Potter Park in Lansing.  The Princess Laura riverboat would be the mainstay at the FCC&IF for at least a decade. 

I was still shooting 35mm film in 1991, and took very few pictures on the island.  All of them are either of the riverboats or the Lakewell voyageur encampment. Most of my time was spent providing assistance, fixing the dinner, or running errands.  Since I did the meal in two shifts to allow someone to be in camp at all times, I personally actually spent more time in camp well after hours around the campfire late into the night with those who would be sleeping on the island. 


Kenn (Kuester) liked very much having his picture taken in costume in the role of Father Marquette.  He would often suggest a shot, like with his hands folded in prayer, or holding a crucifix.  I, of course, prefer the more candid images when people are not aware the camera is focused on them. 



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