Fall Color Cruise & Island Festival 1998


From 1992 thru 1997, I have no Fall Color Cruise & Island Festival images in my inventory.  Like in 1991, most of my time was spent providing assistance, fixing dinners, or running errands for Project Lakewell.  I remarried in 1993, and my wife added an additional night to the meal list. It continued in shifts for the encampment presenters. By 1998, we were also bringing food to the site on the Thursday set-up for volunteers and re-enactors.  Things were busy, and FCC&IF was a demanding weekend even without doing photography. 

Many of the mornings along the river during this time of year find a mist hovering above the water.  I took quite a few similar shots trying to get just the right one, but was never quite satisfied I did.  A good number of the other photos are also from early morning before the festival opens to the public. 

After these 1998 pictures, I again took no photos at the FCC&IF until the year 2003 when I bought my first digital camera.  2003 was an exceptional weather year for the festival, and compared to 35mm film cameras, with the ability now to see shots right away, I was completely sold on the regular use of digital.  I took a lot of pictures at the 2003 festival with my new digital camera, and created that first page featuring them titled Fall Festival Time in Grand Ledge



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