Fall Color Cruise & Island Festival 2004


I took a total of 212 pictures at this year's festival.

I was still shooting some 35mm film in 2004, but all of my images of Fall Color Cruise & Island Festival were taken with my little Kodak (now a year old) digital camera rather than my fancier Canon 35mm equipment - I had indeed entered the digital age.  I had even been doing this website for almost two years by the time of the festival.  2004 was the last year of Project Lakewell's participation.  Shortly after the festival, I would file the paperwork to incorporate the Teaching & Sharing Center as a non-profit, and in 2005, after fifteen years helping, the new organization became the official sponsor of the voyageur encampment. 


Saturday, the second day of the festival, blessed us with a continuation of clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine for good picture taking.  I do not remember if the weather changed after that.  I have no images from Sunday. 



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