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The primary reason this is referred to on the main page as "Do Not Miss Miscellaneous" is the below left picture taken November 19, 2009. It is the link to a page of images relating to the remake of the movie Red Dawn, or more precisely, the portion of the movie which was filmed at Fitzgerald Park November 16-19, as seen on the sign in the below right image announcing the closing of the park. I took that photo on November 20th, the day the park reopened to the public.  


I often walk the trails at Fitzgerald Park for my cardiac exercise. It is not unusual for someone who is visiting the park for the first time to ask me where to see the ledges of Grand Ledge. I actually enjoy these moments and, in the process of explaining, usually ask if they have seen the remake of the movie Red Dawn. If they have, or seem interested, I explain where a portion of the movie was shot among the ledges in the park. August 21, 2017, after sharing the information with a couple who became quite enthused about it, I decided to jump ahead in my Fitzgerald Park pages, and do the one on Red Dawn. The rest of this page will be developed later, but click on the image above to go to the Red Dawn photos and my story. 


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