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After leaving the pond area I headed north (above photos) into a part of Fenner I have not spent much time in.  I was surprised to discover a picnic or event area I had not previously known existed.  Though I did not pause to look around much and continued along the trail, I also like to exercise my imagination.  I have included the picture second row up on the right because I thought the dead protruding log reminded me of a dragon's head.  What do you think? 

I was not imagining things, however, when a little ways up the path I was on, I had my third encounter of the day with a deer.  This one was simply resting under a tree.  That is, until we noticed each other.  Surprisingly, the deer did not go very far, and the next glimpse I caught of him was close to where I ran across some wild turkeys.  Sometimes, the photographer's dilemma can be having too many things to watch for a good developing shot.  Especially like in this case where they were not that close together, and I had to turn away from one to check on the other. 







The above pond is back at the visitor center.  I had been at Fenner for over three hours and needed to fill my water bottle, as well as visit their restroom before heading back out onto the trails.  While I was there, I took a few photos inside the building from live animals, to stuffed ones, posters and booklets . . . well . . . you can see for yourself. 





Then it was back outside enjoying more time on the trails.  Another turkey paused for a shot as I was exiting the building.  Earlier I took some of the perimeter trails.  I decided to finish up by doing the inner circle (blacktopped handicapped accessible Maple Grove Loop) trails, which would take me past the sap collecting area and back out to the Woodland Pond.  You will see that I did leave the blacktop in a few spots before finally looping the Central Pond by the visitor center.  That would bring me around again by the bird feeder stations and . . . more turkeys. 







I was at Fenner for a little over five hours taking pictures on this July 3, 2010 before calling it a day.  It was time well spent.  On the next page, we will come back for the Apple Butter Festival and a little bit of fall color (images also from 2010).  The remainder of these photos were taken on my way to the parking area, and driving out of the park. 




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