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I finished these Tahlequah pages on April 20, 2010 and uploaded them to my website.  On Monday morning January 27, 2014, I was blessed to receive the following email:

 From: Ladney Keener
Sent: Friday, January 24, 2014 7:53 PM
Subject: visited your site.



Mr. William. I just discovered your website. It is great! On your site about the Cherokee National museum you have a picture of one of the statues that you gave a special place. That statue is of my dad! His name is John Fog Keener, former councilman for the Cherokee Nation. I remember when he sat for the molding, he was so proud to be a part of it.  Your description  of the moment is accurate, if he could he would definitely want to talk! He loved to visit with people. He had a big heart and was willing to help anyone. He was a highly respected councilman. One of the few full bloods that was on the council. But his favorite thing was serving the Lord! He served as a deacon for over 40 years. We lost dad a few years ago. Seeing your site and your kind word about someone you didn't know touched us deeply. We miss him, and miss his common sense wisdom everyday. Sir, you take care and keep up the great work.  Wa-do.

Ladney Keener 


I thought it was worth sharing.  So, I replied to the email requesting permission to reproduce it here, which was graciously given.   Real people . . . real people participated in bringing the exhibit to life . . . real people endured the "Trail of Tears" removal.  Like John Fog Keener, many of those were Christians.  Not that it should make any difference.  We are to treat all people with respect, fairness, and dignity.  But . . . we need to remember.   


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