The photo at left is not one of mine.  It is rare that I place anyone else's photography into my website, but Peggy's image felt like it had such an intimate relationship with the text, I have included it. 

by Peggy Hill

Sitting inside a cold square room in front of a sterile Dell, I am looking at a picture I took several years ago and marveling at the wonder of the artist . . . not the exquisite photo . . . the artist.  The constant blue sky, the song of the cedar tree and the magnificent touch of the rainbow sun, there would be no picture for me to take, no breath for me to breathe, without the Hand of the Almighty Creator.  I feel sometimes so disconnected.  Do you? 


I think we are living in a time of disconnect.  Text messages, facebook, cell phones, computers, distant families and this wonderful world of technology . . . . . . . has disconnected us from intimacy, from true friendship and true communication.  Why [is it], the more friends you have on facebook, the lonelier you feel.  I always thought a friend was someone I could borrow a cup of sugar from.  Someone I could laugh with and cry with.  As I read the great jokes online, I laugh alone.  As I send out prayer requests, I cry alone.  We have in some ways created a prison for ourselves and become way too self possessed.  I wonder; will we gain back a true community?  Will we see a world again as simple and as beautiful as it was created to be?  I watch teenagers in a group, they are texting.  They are not even looking each other in the eyes, reaching beyond the superficial into the spirit.  A text will never be a hug.  A playstation will never be a game of kickball with friends.  A new cell phone will never be a cheer of encouragement from your mom and dad.  Things are not love.  And typed words are not heart songs.  Connect to the artist and the art will fill your soul!   

(Used with permission - excerpt from Circle of Nations Newsletter - January 2011)


Peggy Hill is married to John Two-Hawks.  Though she works tirelessly, as a team, with John to promote his music, their Native Circle Online Shop, and the Circle of Nations, she is a gifted poet and photographer in her own right.  See my links pages to connect with their endeavors. 


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