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"There is no such thing as a stupid question; only unnecessary mistakes
 because someone was afraid to ask
the question." 


"Nowadays, time flies whether you are having fun or not."


The opening (stupid question) quote was one I used often, as an employer, when I ran my own business.  Most people are afraid of sounding foolish or ignorant.  That statement almost always helped to get the fullest benefit possible during times of training, and otherwise. 

Since my heart surgery was not precipitated by an event (no heart attack, etc), I have difficulty responding "fine" when people ask about my health.  I did not know then.  How would I know for certain now?  Though few people are truly interested enough to wait for this explanation, when people routinely ask, "how are you," I often will simply respond . . . 


  "I am."





"It is the only thing

   I know for certain."


"Being gullible reveals an innocence and trust which many people are far worse off for not possessing."


"History shows us, that in the ways of the world, the stronger always show up from someplace else to conquer the weaker.  The weaker are then either annihilated, displaced, enslaved, or absorbed."


I teach, particularly as Cherokee Bill, about how things played out so negatively for American Indians.  But it is not what happened that troubles me so much.  The actual events were not all that different from the rest of world history.  The biggest problem I have with it, is it was perpetrated by those professing to be Christians.  This does not resemble at all the Christ I have come to know, nor the Christ they should have known, even then. 


"When the whites arrived, they  demonized almost all natives.
Now history has turned the tables
and those same whites
are being demonized in retrospect.

However, neither is true.

We are all just trying to find our way, making both minor and gigantic mistakes as we proceed."


The above quote is not to say it was all innocent.  Certainly, examples abound of those who willingly chose to do atrocious acts knowing full well what they were doing.  However, in the bigger picture, even that, stems from an incredible ignorance of what life was created for. 


"As an American, even if your entire bloodline is European or another part of the world, the Indian piece of our American history and heritage plays a big part in who you are.  We need to honor and respect that, whether or not we fully embrace it." 


"There are no absolute teacher-student relationships.  In every situation we are both the teacher and the student; if we are paying attention." 


The best faith teacher I ever had was a very young niece who thought it was great fun to climb a few steps up a ladder in a play area we had, then let go and fall backwards into my arms never doubting for a moment that I would be there paying attention and catch her. 


"To whatever extent evolution accurately depicts things; I simply see it as part of God's ultimate design."


"The paradox is we are both the most accomplished impressive nation of compassion and freedom while at the same time one of the worst demons of destructiveness on the planet."


Just give me a job has often trumped all other considerations in our culture.  This is an incredibly shortsighted view of the fullness of life and how we were designed to live it. 


"Doctors, nurses, and others in that field, are not necessarily health professionals. They are medical professionals.  There is a world of difference between the two." 


Medical professionals are trained to respond to illness and injury.  Most of them are inadequately trained to know much about preventing health issues, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle; particularly in the area of nutrition and natural alternatives to drugs.  Too much of the medical profession is too closely tied to the pharmaceutical (medications) industry. 


"Divorce is not a solution. It is a temporary detour which ultimately brings you back to dealing with the same road you were on." 


"I believe all of God's blessings are available to all people all of the time.

No one is excluded or beyond His redeeming love."


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