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"One of the annoying free will issues I have with God is He continues to let me make stupid choices even after I have offered my whole life to Him." 


"Your actions, or inactions,
 tell more about what
 you really believe in
 than all the words
    you will ever speak."


The day I wrote the above I had mentioned to my wife that I found it interesting one particular thing was more important to her than something else.  Her response was to claim she had never said such a thing.  I explained it was her actions that had told me, not her words.  The quote "actions speak louder than words" has been around for a long time.  It is easy to profess something with our lips (as Scripture calls our words).  Our actions either reinforce or betray our words with the truth of our beliefs.  We would all do well to remember this.  Particularly when our words and actions speak two different languages. 


"Belittling someone else is a dishonest way of declaring your own sense of superiority." 


The above is actually a variation on a theme.  At the Center I have a quote which reads, “To speak ill of others is a dishonest way of praising ourselves.” (Will Durant).


"It is immensely easier to create a good habit from the start than it is to replace a bad habit with a good one. Unfortunately, this proverb, expounded upon many times over, rarely pierces our heart until it is too late to apply it wisely." 


"In truth, trusting in God goes against all of my life training as an American growing up, and over my numerous years in business."


Matthew 6 beginning at verse 24 have been the focus verses for my journey pretty much right from the start.  They begin by saying you cannot serve both God and money.  Then they talk about not worrying about your basic needs of food, drink, and clothing.  Telling us to seek first God's kingdom and righteousness, they suggest God will see to our needs.  I do not believe many people take these verses literally, or even seriously.  I do.  They stand at the core of my major life decisions.  But, very few people I have crossed paths with express a belief that I have chosen well, or am even being very realistic.  Interestingly enough, those who see themselves as quite religious have been among my greatest critics. 


"If every choice we made which was contrary to God’s highest design were criminalized, nobody would be walking around free." 


Finger pointing is a great American pastime.  Sometimes it is as if we believe that God is grading us on a curve.  Making the other guy sound or look worse than we do has been developed into a fine art.  But that is not the way it works in the vast scope of reality.  


"If we were meant to take
everything in the Bible absolutely literally,
there would not be a single
un-mutilated Christian
in all of the world."


"All you have to do is look at the history of how Christians have treated other people and the rest of God's creation to know that having the Truth of Jesus, the Christ, does not necessarily qualify one's words and actions as Truth." 


The flip side of that is also important to remember . . . not believing the Truth of Jesus, the Christ, does not necessarily mean someone's words and actions do not contain any Truth. 


"The one who calls you a perfectionist is often the person who does not want to put much effort into whatever it is they are doing, and also does not wish to look bad by comparison."


I was never much interested in history as a young person.  But, I have developed, not only a stronger interest in it, over the years, but a great respect for the importance it plays. 


"Those who work without a sense of
 the past are subject to great and
 repeated mistakes."


 "One of the peculiarities of my life is I absorb the stress of a situation simply as an observer, even though I am not the one who is in that particular circumstance, and finding a solution does not rest on my shoulders." 


Scripture tells us to bear one another's burdens.  I once had a pastor use the following to explain to me how we should do that.  He said we should strap a brown paper grocery sack to our back.  Whenever someone shares a problem with us we should put it into the bag.  If someone is cross or nasty to us because they are having a bad day (or maybe a bad life) we should put that in the sack too.  Anything and everything gets dropped into the bag.  But, there is one very important thing we must do so the weight of all this "stuff" does not become too heavy a burden and crush us.  We need to cut the bottom off from the bag before we strap it on, so when we place items into it, they fall through it into God's hands. 


"Christianity leaves much to be desired,
 but a life lived with Jesus, the Christ,
  is as good as it gets."


"You cannot bluff God."


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