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"Cooperate and share
 instead of compete and compare."


"No one stumbles into Hell through ineptitude. Hell is a willful choice a person makes."




"The architect, who designed the building, still must use the elevator or the stairs, just like everybody else, to get to the top floor."


"Acknowledge where you are really at. You cannot go from Boston to Los Angeles if you are living in Detroit."


"When you are determining the one thing you will primarily focus on in life, let me suggest that it be developing a close personal relationship with your Creator. Since, having done so, will likely include anything else you should have considered."


Some of the quotes in these pages are also on a few of the primary pages in the site. Most of the time however, I have changed which photo I am using as a background, for some variety.


"The test of generosity is not how much you give when you have plenty, but how much you share when there is not enough."


"The toughest part
of being a photographer
is knowing
when to put your camera away
 and simply experience
the gift of the moment
God is giving you."


Photo note: The next photo might appear as if it has been digitally blurred and muted, but it has not. Sometimes, when I am trying different settings on my camera to capture a particular dynamic or situation, what does not turn out as a clearly focused picture, works out to have an artistic quality all its own. Some of my favorite shots were captured thus.  


"I function best
as a sole-proprietor,
but I am not sure
that it is best
for me to function
  as a sole-proprietor."


"I would rather be struggling together, than prospering alone."


Someone anonymously donated a copy of the DVD "The Secret" to the Center.  It is an interesting and well done presentation, but the philosophies presented have not really been all that much of a secret.  They have shown up for years in many forms all throughout our lives such as in sports, or in business, as anyone with goal setting sales training can attest to. Watching the DVD did lead me to make the following statement though.  


"Not only do our present thoughts and beliefs have a significant impact on our tomorrow, but also right now. We always perceive things through the filter of our past experiences and current expectations. The challenge is to lessen our bias to the point where Truth can momentarily brush by and touch us."


As a poet, I have been known to invoke "poetic license" when I slaughter the (even American) English language.  In high school, I had an English teacher who would mock us students at such moments by declaring that our response was "more better."  His words became a mantra of sorts for me which created and lead to the often used quote below. 


"I talk more better English ‘cause my teachers learnt me good."


My (conscious mind) spiritual journey began in 1985 with the most sincere prayer of forgiveness I could muster.  While it was prayed as an absolute, I occasionally reaffirm it. 


"For me, forgiving others is a selfish choice. I have prayed for absolute forgiveness for those who have 'trespassed' against me because I want to be absolutely forgiven. Plus, it really lightens my burden not carrying all that grief around."


"You can distort my words,
and the truths of my life,
but you cannot change
the Truth."


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