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"If teaching it is demanding so much that you are not living it, why bother teaching it?"



"A warm sunny day takes priority over paperwork and computers."


"Why would I go after more when I am still struggling to manage well what I already have?"


Sometimes I say something in jest to lighten things up, but am not all that certain their is not a shred of truth to be found in the midst of the joking, as is the case with the next one.  


"I think those of us deemed crazy are actually the sane ones, since we are the ones who have seen things clearly enough that it drove us crazy. Those deemed sane simply haven't a clue yet."


"It is a very worldly and short-sighted belief that winning automatically erases the consequences of any injustices which occurred in the process of reaching victory."


I think one of the great failings of the Christian church is to look honestly at the truths of human sexuality, rather than gloss over it with a bunch of "thou shalt nots." People seem surprised when I talk about the sexuality of Christian men and suggest that it is primarily only the choices which change, not the emotions, desires, needs, or basics drives.


"Male sexuality is often treated
as just a thing to joke about,
or simply ignore,
until something happens.
Then it becomes the most serious issue in the world."


Too many people act as if human beings are the only thing God created that He really cares about.  If that were true, so be it.  But, since it likely is not . . .       . . . well, let's just say I am amazed at our seeming indifference toward the very creation which sustains us. Christians particularly should be concerned because it is the Creation of God being trashed.  We are moving in a better direction, but we still just give it mostly lip service. 


"Christian environmentalist should be redundant."


"The earth cries out for a time of healing, and restoration of balance, but we just keep raping her."


Mostly I have written poems. Some of them I can, and do, actually quote, like this next one.


"If I really believe all that I say I believe, then to be a fool for God's purpose is infinitely wiser, than to be a wise man for my own purpose."


"Any life experience, or dynamic, generally has a three level progression. The head level where we know about it, the heart level where we truly believe in it, and what I call the gut level, where we are immersed in its reality - genuinely living it."


"Just because something did not turn out as expected, do not overlook the beauty contained within it."


"Life is not about making a profit, it is about making a difference."


I get annoyed with all the non-genuine uses of language.  Quite a few years ago, I really tired of hearing people greet me with "hi, how are you," when they truly were not interested in an honest (or sometimes any) response.  I decided I wanted to get out of that habit myself and greet people, both when arriving and departing, with something that would be validly heartfelt, even as it became routine.  That lead to the words I use most in life . . .   


God's peace.


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