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"Speak the truth, but without the
   intent to use it as a weapon."



"The test for the real truth seeker comes on that day when something turns out to be quite the opposite from what you have long maintained and advocated."


"The one with the most converts does not automatically win.  Only God's Truth triumphs in the end."


"The earth (and the heavens) is a work of art.  Science explains the intricacies of the brush strokes, but it takes faith to see the heart of the Artist in His creation."


"If being Christian impacts our daily life so little as to leave the world unaltered, what difference does it make to get even the whole of humanity professing a belief in Christ only with their lips?"


"I barely understand the truths of my own life, where I have been present for 100% of the details.  How could I begin to judge any aspect of another's?"


"It takes a great deal
of energy
 to sustain an illusion,
 while the truth
is mostly


"Once an unfavorable outcome has colored the situation, it is difficult to remember a choice in the light by which it was made."


"While I fully expect this is not true as an across the board statement, it has unfortunately been my experience to find that most American women appear to deem the primary purpose of the male existence as manufacturing, acquiring, maintaining, and repairing whatever and however much 'stuff' her whimsical nature might choose to desire at any given moment."


"God is not a terrorist. He did not create you for the purpose of seeing how much pain He could inflict upon you. Keeping your Creator in the center of your entire life everyday is your best chance for happiness and fulfillment."


"You can focus on the judgment parts of Scripture, in which case, your life will be one of judging and being judged.  Or, you can embrace the Bible's overall dynamics of love, grace, forgiveness, and acceptance, thereby creating those qualities in your life."


"I choose to respond with love, as best I can, in any given circumstance, but I will not pretend to feel that love, if it is not the truth."


I have only learned a few words in Cherokee. Two I have started using often, even as a way of spacing my counting while I exercise, are "wado unelanvhi" [thank you God]. If you would like to try pronouncing them, A is as in 'father'; E is like 'a' as in 'way'; I is like 'e' as in 'bee'; O is as in 'oh'; U is as in 'moon'; V is an 'uh' sound. Other than 'v' the consonants are like English. The written Cherokee language actually uses a syllabary (symbols for the sounds of syllables), not an alphabet. The true Cherokee spelling is shown in the background.


wado unelanvhi


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