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"Men are sexual; including Christian men. In spite of jokes, ridicule, or condemnation, if men were not the way we are, most of us, males and females, would likely not exist."



"Sometimes I speak out in areas where keeping quiet would have served me better personally, because I once heard it said, 'to fight injustice anywhere is to fight it everywhere.' A stand for the truth, even a small one, regardless of consequences, is always worthwhile."


"Recognize the difference between fact and opinion, then live the truth."


"While not everything we do
  is about spiritual truth,
  we try to infuse
  spiritual truth
  we do."


"It seems to me the 'White American Church' has become a Goliath, ignoring or belittling the unsophisticated Davids in its midst, deemed insignificant as evidenced by only having slingshots to play with."


"My relationship with God did not develop through a church, and it will not disappear without a church.
I participate, or not, simply at the direction of my Creator."


Those of us who work a lot with the spiritual dynamics of life, can often find ourselves in very lofty discussions about things of the utmost importance, but which are totally unable to be proven one way or another, and many times without a practical application.  In order to keep things in perspective, I have often been known to close such conversations with . . .  


"All that, and a dollar, will buy you a cup of coffee."


"If it has not been used in the past two years and likely will not be in the next two, get rid of it."


The above is one of those quotes which can be read in an overly simplistic way. Though I try to live what I say I believe, I do not get rid of tools which may be rarely needed, but are greatly needed when that occasion occurs.  Nor do I usually discard raw materials (wood, cloth, etc), items which will likely be needed in creating something else.  Plus, the word "used" is not just utilitarian.  Things displayed, from which you derive pleasure, are being "used" too.  Most people will understand the general sentiment.  See the next quote also. 


"There is no point in storing a bunch of stuff in our basements (or elsewhere), so when we die, our children must haul it to their basements to store until they die, and on, and on.  Put it to use or give it to someone who needs it."


Money is so dominant in our society that most of us are in jobs where we long for the weekend, days off, vacation time, and retirement, rather than doing something we love, where we look forward each day to our work.  Therefore, in spite of the 'dollar' quote above . . . 


"If you are preaching to your children that they need a way to pay the bills, so just get a job, you are doing them a great disservice.

Life should be about unlocking the secrets of your heart."


Most religious communities have a whole slew of do this, do not do that, say this, do not say that, become this, do not become that, etc. etc.  As individuals we perpetuate the process by preaching the particular dogma of our associations.  The next quote strikes at the heart of my philosophy that I do not need to tell people what to believe or do.  I simply need to help them into a closer relationship with God, their Creator, and His Spirit will do the guiding. 


"God can work out the details of somebody else's life better than any of us can."


The following quote is almost an anti-quote quote.  Someone once told me I should have the copyrighted exclusive use of "on the other hand" because I say it so often.  For example, "go with the flow" is a common phrase in our society.  I have used it numerous times to indicate finding a path of harmony.  Yet, Scripture tells us that the path is wide which leads to destruction and many are on it, while the path of salvation is a narrow road which few find.  So, spiritually speaking from that point of view, you would not want to "go with the flow."  Looking at things through a broader perspective helps to keep them in balance. 


"If isolated,
all sayings have the potential
to oversimplify,
leading to misapplication
in someone's life."


The next quote is something I literally say quite often, but it takes many other forms as well (i.e. Things are how they are. We are where we are. I am how I am. etc). We fret a great deal about "if only" and "what if" with both small and large issues. I have often mused that the Creation versus Evolution battle is really more about whether God exists than how we got here. We are where we are, regardless. What are we going to do from here is the real question. What are the current options? Make a choice. The rest is just whatever it is. 


"It is what it is."


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