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"It is likely most of us have had the unfortunate experience of witnessing some child behaving like a spoiled brat, perhaps even throwing, kicking, or breaking things, showing no appreciation for all that he, or she, has been given. 

What do you think we look like, in the big picture, when we abuse or disregard God's creation, selfishly focusing on our own agenda?" 


"Sometimes I can be a little slow
on the uptake."


The old saying "a day late and a dollar short" expresses a similar kind of thing, although at least I often "get it" down the road.  People tend to assume I understand more than I do, and at times I do not even know that I did not.  However, mostly this applies when I realize later I could have done something differently than I did.  Depending on my mood, I might pass the buck to the Holy Spirit asking why He did not inspire the alternative sooner. 


"Those who secretly struggle with their own worth are often most critical of everything and everyone."


"Sometimes, in our country, born out of revolution, we laud disrespectfulness, as if it were a virtue.  It is not.  It is always a sign of small minds and ignorance even in times of great disagreement or contention."


When pressed for an occupational classification, I state or list that I consider myself to be similar to a domestic missionary.   Where did God send me?  No place.  He just told me to change the signs on the side of the building I was already working from.  In the many years since then, I have often fretted about what I was, or was not, accomplishing.  However . . . 


"We are not responsible for outcomes.  God is.  Our piece is simply the effort God has asked us to put forth." 


"We are most productive when we allow ourselves to function according to our own natural rhythms."


As a person who, with some regularity, works late into the night, I have frequently shared my definition of a morning person, particularly with those who are early risers.  "A morning person is someone who goes to bed at 10:00 p.m. and arises at 6:00 a.m. having gotten a full 8 hours of sleep.  Then they go and tell the person still in bed at 9:00 a.m. to wake-up and stop wasting the day.  After all, they figure, they have already been productive for three hours.  Only a lazy person would still be in bed.  Except, that person did not retire from the previous day until 3:00 a.m. and has only had six hours of rest.  Morning people do not understand the concept that there might be different natural rhythms from their own." 


"Look for holiness and balance
 wherever you find yourself in life."


"The Holy Spirit is real, but He is not a magic wand you use to get your own way or wishes." 


Are you an institutional Christian or an Holy Spirit Christian?  There is no shortage of mission work wherever you are.  Being an Holy Spirit Christian does not mean you reject institutions or cannot participate in them.  But it does mean when someone bearing a cross shows up at your doorstep you are able to acknowledge and recognize Christ in them, instead of sending them down the road, or crossing the road yourself to avoid them. 


"I do not teach dogma or doctrine.
I teach relationship."


"Every day is a holy day."


"All the world is God's holy garden.


The above two quotes and the one below are related.  Scripture tells us to take God's love into the world, not to shelter it behind the fortified walls of a church building.  Being a Christian is not a one day a week in one place proposition.  It is a relationship and a radical love lifestyle more than it is a religion every place and all the time. 


"There is no commandment that says go to church."


"Many times we assign evil
where none really exists,
and overlook much
which is truly harmful."


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