Immanuel Lutheran Church
501 South Clinton Street
Grand Ledge, MI  48837

August 24, 2012


To whom it may concern, 

On Sunday (August 19, 2012) during coffee hour at Immanuel Lutheran Church, council president Wayne Christiansen spoke briefly updating us on matters concerning the administrative leave of Pastor Dawn Donato.  One of the things he mentioned at the end was he had had some discussion with the bishop concerning member contact with Dawn, and his (the bishopís) directive, since this was intended to be a time of prayer for Dawn, was for us to refrain from contacting her.

In an email to the bishop I sent Wednesday (August 22, 2012), I requested verification or clarification of the indicated prohibition since, upon receiving the original administrative leave letter from the church, I had already immediately reached out to Dawn and Frank, as I felt God leading me, both as their friend and as an independent Christian ministry (Teaching & Sharing Center of Grand Ledge/a touch of william) in downtown Grand Ledge. 

The bishop responded promptly that same day, but offered no further explanation or clarification of the message Wayne had conveyed to us.  Under the circumstances, to remain a member of Immanuel Lutheran Church and simply ignore the bishop feels blatantly disrespectful and possibly combative.  It is my desire to be neither of these. 

Since the bishopís declaration, as related by Wayne Christiansen, goes directly against both my general calling and specific leadings from God, and the bishop offered no other options, I see no legitimate alternative but to remove myself from membership in the ELCA through Immanuel Lutheran Church.  As God is the One who called me to my mission, God alone has the authority over how, and to whom, my outreach shall be offered. 

I therefore terminate my status as a member of Immanuel Lutheran Church, effective immediately.  This action does not change the member status of my wife Donna, and I assume I will continue to be welcomed to commune and participate in many of the other aspects in the life of Immanuel Lutheran Church, as I would at any other truly Christian church.  

Godís peace,


William Gibbons Jr

a touch of william is an Independent Affiliated Ministry of the Teaching & Sharing Centers
(a Michigan non-profit corporation and IRS approved 501c3 public charity)


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