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Subject: Happy Easter and an invitation to dinner



Greetings to each of you, 

Since my computer will remain off on Easter, you are being sent your ecard greeting early.

I have been thinking of adding something different to our Easter meal prayer this year.  Instead of all of us going right to “Amen” after “through Christ our Lord,” I will interject “I hear (or I am told) He is risen.”  To which others who wish will respond with the traditional, “He is risen indeed.”  I will then add, “This is Good News for everyone.  We should let people know.”  At that point we will finish saying grace with our “Amen.” 

Some might see it as silly to bother with such, but I think we really need to acknowledge the Good News of the resurrection when we gather this day.  We need to emphasize that it is meant for everyone, not just those who sit in church pews on Sundays (or Saturdays).  I think it is important, especially in our country right now, to proclaim that the resurrection story is not just another us and them situation.  It is an all-inclusive message of redemption.  Easter is indeed a day of Good News for every one of us, whether you currently believe it, disbelieve it, ignore it, or could simply care less.  God did something spectacular on what we call Easter morning (and, of course, on the day we call “Good Friday”).  Our belief, lack thereof, or total indifference, does not change that in the slightest.  It will ultimately impact every single one of us.

Besides being a day of Good News, Easter is also one of our holidays of gathering together.  Most of us share a meal with family and friends, or perhaps spend it serving others in the joy of His resurrection.  As with Thanksgiving and Christmas, each year I try to think of those we know who might be alone on Easter, so Donna and I can extend an invitation to join us.  Often, it is not until later that I remember someone else I could have called or emailed.  I decided I can go a long way toward solving that problem right now.  So, this is your invitation.  If you are not going to be with other friends, family, or serving somewhere, you are invited to join us.  Our entire life together, Donna and I have had an “open table” policy for each of the three major holidays mentioned.  You need not be a long time or close personal friend to come.  The invitation is genuine for each of you.  There is no need to celebrate Easter eating alone, except by personal choice (bad choice by the way).  Our holiday meals are around 2:00 in the afternoon.  All I ask is that you let us know no later than tomorrow (Saturday) evening that you will be joining us.  This allows us to gauge food amounts and how many places we will need to be setting around the table.  Since I would not see an email until Monday morning at this point, please call our home number (517 627-3462) and leave an RSVP message (only for a “yes.”  I do not need to know if you will be elsewhere ).  Ham will be the meat on the table, but there is never a shortage of other stuff if ham (or meat in general) is not your thing. 

Again, Happy Easter.  May God’s many blessings flow abundantly into your life on this day and always.  Be well.  Enjoy.

God’s peace,

Acts 5:29


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If you are replacing a working computer system or laptop with a newer one, live locally enough to drop your old one off at the Center (or have it picked up), and would like to donate it to my a touch of william outreach rather than try to find where to recycle or dispose of the old one, I freely place functioning used systems (Windows XP or later operating systems) with my slide shows into nature centers, museums, and other places where they are desired.  Call me (627-7366) if you have a system or laptop to donate. 

“Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love.”  - Peace Pilgrim

“You can show your love to others by not wishing that they should be better Christians.”  - Francis of Assisi

“We must bear patiently not being good . . . and not being thought good.”  - Francis of Assisi


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