William Gibbons Jr
Sent: Tuesday, October 27, 2020 12:06 PM
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Subject: Voting Imperative plus

Greetings to each of you,

It seems lately I often begin my emails with "I originally intended to get this email ready to send out last" . . .  in this case that was two weeks ago. But, it has been a very good year for color, and there were too many nice days for picture taking drives. So, a reminder how important it is to vote in a democracy got to wait. Even though it is a right, and not truly an imperative, or obligation, to maintain an effective democracy it is still important that everyone includes their voice by voting a week from today, November 3, if you have not already done so. 

I ran across an interesting graphic a couple of years ago which I set aside to share in my final newsletter (it might still make it into it). If the "did not vote" folks had actually been a candidate in the 2016 election, they would have won all but eight states. I presume this represents the eligible voters, not just registered. So, when you hear that there is an exceptional turnout for an election, it is likely a whole lot of voices are still not being heard from. I hope yours is not one of them. Some people say if you do not like either main party, you are wasting your vote to cast it for a third party. But, I disagree. Until the day "none of the above" appears as an option on our ballots, I have used it in some past elections as a way to say "I voted," but was not impressed by either primary candidate. "Did not vote" numbers (the true waste) are not reported on the election night news coverage. Any influence they might have had otherwise is gone. 


Before I went about picture taking, I did finish (as far as I could take it) the outdoor classroom I had been working on. The benches are on their supports upside down for now, until God sends someone our way who has the skills, and tools, to cradle them properly. I used dollar store door stops to temporarily keep them from shifting. So, they are stable enough to sit on even with the rounded bottom up. There has already been an interest expressed in utilizing the area when we get through the winter, and back to warmer weather. 


I also put the In His Steps groups description, and time availability, sheet on the In His Steps addendum page in the last newsletter. The note, "This document was created in Microsoft Word 2013. If you would like a copy of the original format emailed to you, simply email me your request," was included as well. You were sent the original file attached to my previous email in September. It is important that people know they can utilize the program without our involvement, and I am happy to send the original file so they can customize it to their own needs. I believe this is an offering God has provided. I simply laid it out on paper. It is not ours. It is His. Please share it with anyone you think might wish to know about it. 


I thought I would share a few examples below of my little (well OK, sometimes all day) photo color tours. I did take a lot of pictures up north when I was there with Donna at the very end of September, but locally I basically started with the one day fall festival (top left) they did here in Grand Ledge October 10. It substituted for the traditional three day Fall Color Cruise & Island Festival which fell prey to the Covid-19 pandemic. Three days later (October 13 - top right) we got some sunshine early in the day, and I headed for Portland, then up to Lyons, and back through Westphalia. On October 16 (second row), I started close in Delta Township, but after an hour, or so, made my way toward Hastings (chasing the clearer sky and sunshine), ending up at Charlton Park around five. The very next day (third row), I drove down Shaytown Road to Vermontville, and took a few back roads in the area before returning via Round Lake Road. I lost the clear skies quickly that day as well. With a cloudy spell, I did not get back on the road until October 20 (fourth row). A short window of sunshine was predicted, so I simply headed west on Grand River to get some shots I noticed coming home on other days when it was too dark. October 21 (fifth row left), I did a bike ride around the perimeter of Grand Ledge for my cardiac exercise. Then October 22 (fifth row right), and October 23 (sixth row left), I walked in town for my cardiac exercise. Needless to say, a camera was always with me. What appeared to be reddish color leaves from a distance turned out to be berries — lots of them — on that sixth row left photo. Finally, last Saturday (October 24), blue skies encouraged me to see if Donna would like to take a drive south to Turkeyville to check if there was still color in that area. We took the expressway down, but the back roads (sixth row right and seventh row) to return home. Our last stop (eighth row left) was at Big Marsh Lake, a project of the Kiwanis of Battle Creek, and the Michigan Audubon Society. It is a spot where thousands of Sandhill Cranes stop to overnight on their migration south for the winter. That final image (eighth row right) was from the October 16 outing. I had returned to my car to head home when I noticed the flowers in the bushes by a building. I paused to take a few shots. I like to include such photographs to remind myself, and others, it is not just the changing colors of the leaves which gives Autumn its special feel. 



During this same time period, I was working on a pro-life web page addition to my newsletter already online. I actually added it last Thursday when I changed my picture of the week, but the rest of this email was not finished yet. It starts out by explaining how I arrived at my beliefs about abortion, and other pro-life issues. Then it includes pro-life items I had set aside to share in a newsletter. The introduction on the newsletter's main page reads . . .

"I do not see abortion as just one issue among many. I see it as the issue. Everything else relates to how we treat life from the start. Much like certain animals are regarded as keystones to a healthy eco system, I see the right to life as a keystone to a healthy culture. Lack of respect for life at its beginning, will ultimately translate into abuse and disrespect in many varied forms. But being pro-life does not mean I am simply against abortion. It influences my attitude toward the death penalty, end of life issues, and war. I believe it pertains to how we treat people who are in a crisis pregnancy. Including how we help them provide for their baby with a healthy support system, or guide them through adoption if it is their choice. Being judgmental accomplishes nothing. Showing acceptance, love, and being supportive offers hope for everyone involved. That is followed by how we treat, and develop safety nets for, children in general. Especially those in circumstances with little means. Yet, it all starts with that first choice. Much like IHS groups, because of its importance, I am creating a separate set of pages regarding choosing life. Click below to access them." 

"No wonder the subject of judging is fraught with challenges. On the one hand
are the judgmental folks, quick to condemn and short on mercy;
on the other hand are the 'live and let live folks,'
who act as if nothing much matters to God."

— Erwin W Lutzig 

Here is the direct link: Pro Life Addendum


Speaking of links, I received a Consumer Reports email debunking false voting information circulating online. The first link is to that CR article. The second is to a National Association of Secretaries of State page which can provide information by state. And, the third is a general help and information site. The Internet can be a resource blessing, but unfortunately you have to be able to discern the truth from the inaccurate, or intentionally misleading items, which abound as well. If something does not seem to make sense, perhaps these sites can help.

As always, may God guide each and every one of us through these unsettling times, and keep us mindful of sharing. 

God’s peace,

Acts 5:29

P.S. I am never quite sure how emails will look at their destination. If you have any problems with the pictures showing, or the email generally appears discombobbled (spell check did not like that word), the entire email as originally laid out will be online this Thursday when I change my picture of the week. Select "What Is New" or "Newsletters" for the link to it. 


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