How To Share Individual Poems or P&P Pages (Books)

Without just copying it by hand, to share a poem, the most important thing you need to know about my poetry on this site is the poems are images (pictures), not typed text. I do this to keep the indentations and structure of each poem intact the way I designed it. So, if you want to save it as a file to share, you do the same as you would with any photo online. Simply right click (on your mouse or equivalent) and, when the menu appears, select "save picture as." This will allow you to put the file somewhere in your computer. Of course, you need to remember where it is in your computer that you saved "the picture." Once you have the file, it can be easily printed, attached to or inserted into an email, etc. But remember, even though the poem is words, it is saved and treated as a picture. To insert it someplace, you must tell your computer to insert a picture, graphic, image, or whatever terminology your system uses. 

The most common page I email to people is the "A Time To Mourn" P&P book. To share any of the books, all you have to do is copy the page address (URL) to use as a link. The address usually appears somewhere along the top of the your screen. On my computer, left clicking on any part of the address automatically highlights (selects) the entire address. If not, then left click your mouse at the beginning or end of the address and (while holding the button down) drag it across the address until it is completely highlighted. For my site the addresses will always start out, followed by the specific page. As a for instance, the "A Time To Mourn" page address looks like this: 

Once the address is highlighted (selected), hover your mouse over the text and right click to choose (click on) "copy" to save the address momentarily. Go to your email, or any text document you are working on, right click (your mouse) again then choose "paste" to enter the address where you want it. If the text does not automatically highlight as a link, inserting a space (your space bar on your keyboard) immediately after the last letter in the the address text usually will establish the link for you. If not, the person you are sending it to can always copy and paste the address from you into their browser. The "Edit" option on many pages also has "Copy" and "Paste" commands on it. If you are relatively new to computers it might sound complicated, but it is actually quite easy. Once you master "copy" and "paste" or "save as picture," you can share virtually anything you will find from my site. I encourage you to do so. 

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