I was using my third different major brand of body lotion for the dry skin problems we experience here in Michigan winters, when I was introduced to Aubrey products, so a dry skin lotion (they also now have unscented) was my first thought of what to try. Other (companies) products touted themselves as "natural" but a look at their list of ingredients was a real challenge to my pronunciation abilities. And, I have since discovered that some of the ingredients were actually contributing to the problem. I feel much more comfortable with organically grown ingredients from Aubrey than the others. Similarly, it seems logical to me that the absorption of chemicals would be particularly high in such areas as the underarms. That is why I feel far safer using Aubrey's deodorant for men on a daily basis. I have now used these two products for many years. 


As I was developing this page, I asked myself why I was doing this. It is unlikely most of you reading this are living close enough to the Center to get your Aubrey products here. However, I decided that it was important to encourage people to use items from companies that are putting out high quality organic and natural products because consumers drive our economy. The more people who purchase truly natural, the more manufacturers will be forced to move in that direction. And the more we see the benefits nature offers to us, the more likely we will be to preserve and protect it. It is all a big circle, and we are all a part of it. The link below will take you to the Nutraceutical website (which acquired Aubrey in 2016) for more information.

Special offers: Members of the Teaching & Sharing Centers (see the tpcM page in the corporate website for details) receive a minimum 10% discount on all purchases made at Cherokee Bill's Trade Center


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