I hooked up with Nature's Sunshine in April 2003. Initially I got all my individual herb products from Enrich International (since 1995). But, through buyouts and mergers, as they transitioned into the Unicity Network, they began to eliminate those items in favor of combinations, blends, and what I refer to as more highly marketable (trendy) products. This left me shopping for my basic herbs such as Black Walnut and Saw Palmetto. I tried some from the health food stores but was not impressed. I also tried some saw palmetto from WalMart (being careful to pick a standardized one) which did as well as the health food store brands, but still left me unimpressed. Then in April my wife and I were heading south out of Cherokee, North Carolina when she saw a place standing off by itself with an herbs sign on it. She asked if we could stop, and I said sure, I would see if they carry Black Walnut which I had been out of for some time. There we met Marian Engle, the proprietor, who unfortunately was out of Black Walnut, but gave me some Nature's Sunshine information to take with me. Back in Michigan I reviewed the stuff she had given me, and discovered all the herbs that were no longer in the Unicity line, were available through Nature's Sunshine. For me it was like a gift from God to find one place again to get what I needed. And they have a pretty simple system to deal with. As other companies I worked with transitioned in directions I was not very impressed with, more and more of what I take comes from NSP, including many, like a fat grabbers product, and digestive enzymes products, I have not added pictures for below. 


From 1995 - 1997 I took the time to learn about individual herbs, and made notes on the basis of the health issues I needed to address.  I take Black Walnut to rid my body of any parasites entering it through our foods.  I also take Saw Palmetto (old file photo - the newer bottles look just like the others) with each meal for prostate wellness. 

I read in an AARP magazine article that Red Yeast Rice was what the first statins for heart patients were made from, so I decided to try it and now use it daily.  Alfalfa has also become a regular, but not necessarily on an every day basis.  It has too many things it is supposed to help to list them all.  I take it for its multiple benefits. 


Tea Tree Oil has a multitude of uses.  I apply it mainly for itching problems, such as mosquito bites.  It is great stuff.  Bee Pollen contains all 22 basic elements found in the human body.  It is rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids, hormones, enzymes and fats.  I have stopped using it though because of my particular health issues. 

Both Capsicum & Garlic with Parsley and Hawthorn Berries are good for circulation, and cardiovascular health.  Garlic and Capsicum are also known for their digestive and immune system benefits.  See below for a surgical cautionary note on Garlic. 

Pau D'Arco, called the "everything" herb, and Una de Gato help in many areas.  Indeed, both are beneficial for the immune system.  When I was studying herbs in relation to my personal health in the 1990s, Una de Gato was good for almost every issue I had identified; more categories than any other of 200 products. 

Occasionally I will take individual herbs like Garlic and Capsicum separately (usually when they go on sale as such).  I did discover that they do not want you taking Garlic for two weeks before open heart surgery, because of the blood thinning dynamic.  I have also used Cholester-Reg II as a part of my (no drugs) battle against cholesterol. 


Nature's Sunshine is a multi-level marketing company.  You do not have to enroll in its system to buy the products directly.

Special offers:  Members and volunteers of the Teaching & Sharing Centers (see the tpcM page in the corporate site for details) receive a minimum 10% discount on all purchases made at Cherokee Bill's Trade Center except for items already sold "at cost." Because of "use by" dates, I only stock NSP products at CBTC which are likely to be purchased by current customers. However, you may place a prepaid order for anything you wish. The discount applies on special orders as well.  


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