I added Shaklee Products in 2006 when Mona Southworth became the Wellness Education Coordinator for the Teaching & Sharing Center.  She had been involved with them for many years, and I saw no reason not to give them a try.  I am particular impressed with their earth friendly attitude and cleaning products.  I began the testing of the products with the "Get Clean" starter kit. 


One of the first products I chose to use was Soy Lecithin.  I did some reading online, and like with most things, the scientists cannot agree on how heart healthy it is, but there is some indication that Lecithin helps keep fats out of the bloodstream. 


The OmegaGuard bottle says "promotes cardiovascular health" on its label.  Each of the companies I do business with has an Omega or Salmon Oil product, and the benefits are well documented.   I think it is a good idea to vary what supplements you take from time to time.  Having several sources, or options, to get a particular nutrient, herb, or other natural substance from helps to do that without depriving the body of something beneficial. 


Prosante Nourishing Scalp Treatment is not cheap for the size bottle you get.  But, I have been very impressed with it.  Even using special shampoos and Aubrey Organics conditioner, I still have some scalp problems.  If the itching acts up, I have found a generous application of this product before bed helps tremendously.  I discovered it absorbs quickly, and there is no oily residue like with some products people recommend for dry or scaling scalp issues. 


Special offers:  Members and volunteers of the Teaching & Sharing Centers (see the tpcM page in the corporate site for details) receive a minimum 10% discount on all purchases made at Cherokee Bill's Trade Center except for items already sold "at cost."  The discount applies on special orders as well.


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