Links Submission Criteria For Adding Links To My Site


Because of time constraints, and an increase of links requests, I no longer look at links in emails with multiple suggestions, or lists. Each link you would like me to consider must be placed into a separate email, with no more than one email sent each day. Emails received containing more than one link request are automatically rejected. If you are sending multiple emails, I suggest you spread them out a bit, so if my time does not allow much for emails on any given day, yours are not popping up all at once when I get to them. The following list can help you to prioritize, and determine in advance if a particular link request should be submitted. My criteria for adding links are: 




Pages that freely give information without requiring anything in return are most likely to make it onto my links pages. 




The URL does not require a sign up, sign in, any kind of acknowledgment, or ask for personal information in order to have an unhindered view of what is being identified as shared for free. 




The URL is not primarily selling, or promoting, stuff or services (except on the local pages). For a general business link to appear in my pages, I typically need to have personal knowledge of, or experience with, the enterprise.  




The URL does not have pop-up ads, redirect the visitor to a different URL, or directly open to a PDF download. 




The URL is uncluttered, with the offered information prominently displayed on the page. Too many ads, and other distractions, are reasons for rejecting links submitted for consideration. I find opting in cookies boxes particularly annoying. If the helpful information is there, but seems difficult to discern from all the advertising, or so much other clutter, that it feels stressful to me to even look at the page, I will not add it.  




I rarely add Facebook pages anymore because of their inconsistency with even public content pages. I have often found that for people not on Facebook, like me, they will make it difficult to get past, or see around, their log in or sign up window blocking the content. Any webpage, Facebook or otherwise, which requires an excessive amount of effort, or something that feels like entering into a battle, to get to the content, is summarily rejected. 




I believe the Internet should be all about honest sharing.  Links to pages that are forthright, clear, helpful, and whose content is easily accessible, will usually be immediately accepted and added to my site. 



My site is all about freely sharing. If your suggested link URL appears to meet the criteria, feel free to email it to me for consideration. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for visiting my site. 


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