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The "Spirit" piece of our Nature-Spirit-Expression slogan relates to our spiritual reality, and how that plays out in practice through our religions, philosophies, lifestyles, choices, and general behaviors. Notice in the Nature-Spirit-Expression slogan's progression it rests in the middle. That is because  the spiritual "within us," as we so often refer to it, is actually the core truth of our being. It stands at the center of who, and what, we are. It impacts everything in our lives, whether or not we choose to acknowledge this. Spiritual laws influence our physical well being (nature), and what happens throughout our life (expression). This is one of the shortest links pages I have only because so many links which could appear here have already been placed on other pages.    




We are not physical beings

with a spirit. We are spiritual

beings with a physical body.




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Addiction Recovery Program
(Religious 12 Step from LDS)
video at

Al‑Anon Family Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous

Agape International Spiritual Center

Body Mindfulness - Giving Thanks

Chaplains On Hand

Circle of Nations Community

Closer To Truth

The Dash

Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library

Ecclesiastes 3: A Time For Every Season

Edgar Cayce
Association for Research and Enlightenment

Elaine's Weekly Encouragements

Friends of Peace Pilgrim

"Gloria" by Michael W. Smith
Video Arrangement by Gary Sironen

God Whispers

Healing Environments

Hugh McCann


I Believe

Illuman (for men)

[The] Interview With God

Irish Blessing

Life & Freedom

[Barbara] Love

[The] Meaning of Shalom

Mobile in Black & White

Native Circle

[Kent] Nerburn

Philosophy For Life

Religion & Ethics

Road to the Reformation

Sistine Chapel
(click and drag mouse inside)

Steps Toward Inner Peace in Other Languages

Topography of Faith


Where's The Line To See Jesus

Wikimedia Foundation

You Are What We Need



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