supplemental site of william - a little history
(There is no longer an active link here since xfinity/comcast either eliminated
 the page, or moved it to an unknown URL. I removed the link September 2016)

My first online creation**


**the site was actually online before I was personally connected to the Internet.  For the first few pages, I created the content and layout design in my computer, copied them to a diskette, and mailed them to John Two-Hawks who did the HTML code and loaded them into the site. The "first" shown above was when, after a few months, in 2003 I finally got hooked up and began learning about this "Internet stuff" myself. It was a cookie cutter type of page where you selected items from a menu to insert into a template. The original even had such things as the local temperature, but Comcast changed the format so frequently, I finally gave up trying to fix it, and just put a link to this (wsharing) site there, along with the above graphics and some basic text. During a quick review of my links pages September 22, 2016, I discovered that link on this page no longer connected to anything. A quick search revealed nothing. It was not worth the effort to discover what xfinity/Comcast did with it, so I disabled the link. I kept this page because I still like the simple graphics of that page. It has been a fast learning curve, and an interesting journey. Thank you for pausing here a moment. 


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