Callaway Gardens in Georgia




My wife and I were visiting relatives in the south in April of 2003 and on our way from Ozark, Alabama to Woodstock, Georgia we stopped in for a visit at Callaway Gardens.  We should have hit the Azaleas in perfect bloom but, unfortunately, there was a frost the night before we arrived which took its toll.  Nonetheless, it was a nice day with plenty of photo opportunities.




Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel

For 10 years prior to his death, Cason Callaway planned the Chapel. He spent many days walking his land looking for the perfect spot to build the Chapel. Just a week before his death, he finalized the plans for it.

The Chapel was dedicated in April 1962 by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.








While at Callaway Gardens we visited the . . .

Discovery Center

Butterfly Center

Vegetable Garden

Azalea Bowl

Memorial Chapel

and Log Cabin

That made for a very full day, and there was still more we didn't see.


Callaway opened on May 21, 1952 under the name Ida Cason Gardens. It featured a five mile drive, 13 lakes, golf, fishing and woodlands. Today they describe it as a 14,000-acre gardens, resort and preserve nestled in the southernmost foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, in Pine Mountain, Georgia.

But, many old-timers still refer to it as "Ida Cason's"

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