The Color D




In the fall of 2003 I purchased a new (my first) digital camera. If you have visited the Teaching & Sharing Center, or Fall Festival in Grand Ledge, pages, you have already seen photos taken with that camera. You might have also likely noticed the longer photo numbers all beginning with the letter D. Without rolls of film, which I simply numbered sequentially, I set up a topical folder system. Each folder is identified by four basic digits all beginning with the letter D. 

My original purpose in buying a digital was to easily update photos of the Center in this website when I changed displays, etc. However, a new camera, and the lure of fall color, soon enticed me to put it to the test. On this page you will find some of the results of that premier journey into the world of digital photography. Please enjoy the color D. 

One note: even though these photos were taken in a digital format, they have not been altered, digitally reconstructed, or computer composed. My photographic philosophy of "what was actually there" still holds true throughout these pages. If that should ever change, it will be clearly noted by the photos to which it applies. 



The images on this (Grand Ledge area photos) and the connected pages were taken over a five week span at various stages of fall color.















To view additional "Color D" photo pages from this five week period click on the photos below.
They represent, in order, the "Color D" up close, up north, other color, and Vermontville area.