The Ledges In Winter - Oak Park 2004

You'll notice a difference in the amount of snow between the pictures toward the top of this page and those at the bottom.  That's because they were taken 19 days apart on January 9 and January 28.  We received some additional inches in the interim.

Photography is a good excuse for me to get out in the winter.  Otherwise, I tend to hibernate.  The extra inches of snow, even though many of the pictures are similar to the earlier ones, was enough reason to motivate me.  And, I always feel better after a time spent outside in natural surroundings.

I likely took close to 300 pictures at Oak Park in the two days combined.  I narrowed that down to a little over two hundred "keepers" from which I have selected the 56 shared with you on this page.

That can be the hard part.  Because for me, even a small nuance of a change makes something a whole different picture.  However, I suspect at least some of you would wonder why I am showing you the same picture twice.  Hopefully I haven't done that too much with the ones I finally chose.  It was a tough process eliminating some of my similar favorites.



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