Sholom Park Labyrinth - Ocala, Florida




I went back and forth with the idea of making this one of my horizontal pages which scroll side to side (rather than up and down).  But, I figured the varying text (sign image) size would make it difficult to accomplish while still keeping the graphics readable.  So, rational logistics initially triumphed, and I started this as a traditional vertical page even though I thought a horizontal scroll would be the better feel for a Labyrinth journey.  Well, as you can see, that choice did not ultimately win out.  Then, neither did basic horizontal.  Just follow the white path, and you will get the picture. 

If your screen resolution is 800x600 pixels, using an Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser, you should push the F11 key on your keyboard for a fuller view. That way you will likely be able to see each stop completely without scrolling. 

I am presenting the signs in numerical order, but the various pictures around them may, or may not, relate to what is written there.  After reading, I would often look in several directions for possible shots, sometimes zooming in on a spot, or item, a bit distant from where I was.  I will, however, try to have the images reflect the general feeling. 


  The above (right) text reads . . .

"Welcome to Sholom Park Labyrinth Path.  Move along at Your Own Relaxed Pace allowing others to move at Their Pace.  It is a Physical and Spiritual Place to invite your Contemplative, Meditative, Imaginary, Intuitive, Playful, Artistic, Poetic, Creative, Soulful Being into Oneness and Fullness with Nature.  We invite you to Experience your Full Range of emotions in the Safety of this Sacred Place Created over the centuries just for You." 

I was at station number four when I decided I needed to go back, read, and photograph, each plaque.  I am glad I did.  At least one significant insight emerged in this whole process, which I will explain later. 

  The Sholom Park website has a more extensive description of Labyrinths in PDF format.  I have reproduced it here (separate page) as a basic text document.

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Sholom Sacred Path Legacy
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I chose the empty chair image for the reflection (#23) moment because of the insight I mentioned earlier.  One clear thought came to me.  It was how I was rushing not to fall too far behind the others I was with; a reflection on my whole life.  Whether motivated by basic politeness, to avoid further criticism, or not to be left completely alone, emotionally, physically, and maybe even spiritually, I have spent most of my life rushing so I would not delay or fall too far behind family, friends, peers, our society in general, my own self-imposed deadlines, or even to take all the pictures I think I want, wherever I am.  While I tend to walk to a different drummer, I still rush in far too many ways.  I never did take the time to sit in that empty chair, or anywhere else on the Labyrinth Path.  Already moving slower by reading and photographing each sign, I was unwilling to pause to reflect, and risk the further disapproval of the others.