Sweetwater Creek State Park - Georgia

"There is an area of over two thousand acres near Lithia Springs with breathtaking scenery,
and rich Native American, and Civil War History.

Sweetwater Creek was named for Cherokee Chief Ama-Kanasta who took his name from the 'sweet water' of the late 1700ís creek where he grew up and lived his whole life."

the above quote is from
the opening page of the "Friends of Sweetwater Creek" website




Donna and I frequently look for state or local parks to visit when traveling. Particularly those with substantial natural area, some kind of water (lake, river, etc), or a significant historical aspect. At Sweetwater Creek State Park, just west of Atlanta, we found all of the elements combined. It is less than an hour from Woodstock where my mother and sister both live, so we had a family outing to the park in April 2003 while we were visiting them. We did not have a lot of time to delve into the history, but the nature trails provided a pleasant break from the noise and rush of the city (and some good pictures as well).





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