picture number > 35mm 254 930200 11 CR S43
date taken > February 1993
location > Grand Ledge, Michigan
original dimensions > 1497 x 1066 pixels (scanned size)
original file size > 314 KB
1600 x 1200 file size > original is displayed
comments >

In a search of all my digital folders (total inventory), no images showed up for February 15th. Apparently I have never taken even a single photo on this date since 2003 when I bought my first digital camera. I also looked through the envelopes in a file cabinet where I store my 35mm negatives. February 15 was not written on any of those either. Many envelopes had only a year and month written on them. That is why I selected this one. My fiancÚ was helping me remodel the bedroom in our future home to include closets. The house, built in the early 1900s did not have them. Our wedding date was April 1, 1993. 

Photo tip: Horizontal and vertical lines do not need to always be perpendicular to make a good photo. In this case, I chose not to stand in a spot where the image would look too boxy. It is a bit more difficult to balance a shot. I did so by lining up the left edge of the closet, and the vertical corner of the room, with the edge of the frame. Notice extra letters after the basic photo number. I use those to tell me when I altered the original for display. The CR stands for cropped. The S43 means I resized it to the 4:3 ratio of my digital camera images. Even if I did not use the 35mm prefix, the three digit roll number, along with the two digit negative number would identify it as such. The six digit number is always the date. 

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This william's picture of the week page had been under consideration for a while when I finally decided to put it together. As I was working with my images, and one would strike my fancy, I often knew it could be a long time before the photo might make it into one of my website pages, if ever, and from those moments the idea for this page was born. One of my concerns, which delayed doing this page, was the need to update it regularly. Traveling out of town, or just getting busy with other demands, can become an issue which prevents me from having time for my website work. So, the term "of the week" is used loosely. I will endeavor to make it so, but at times, a picture could run for as many as three weeks. I have chosen Thursday as the usual day of the week photos will change because it is rarely a travel day for me. Your best bet would be to add this page to your favorites, so you can easily check. And please, share the link with your friends and family. For sheer lack of time, I do not place my photography anywhere else on the Internet. 

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