This is the way of peace: Overcome evil with good,
falsehood with truth, and hatred with love.

Live this day! Yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision, but today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Never agonize over the past or worry over the future. Live this day and live it well. 

Worry is a habit. It is something that can be worked on. I call it relinquishment of the worry habit. There are techniques that help. I talk to some beautiful church people and I discover they still worry. Itís a total waste of time and energy. If you are a praying person who prays with faith, you would immediately, and automatically, take what youíre worried about to God in prayer and leave it in Godís hands ó the best possible hands. This is one technique which is excellent. In the beginning you may have to take it back to God quite a number of times before you develop the habit (which I have developed) of always doing everything you can in a situation, and then leaving the rest safely in Godís hands. 

How often are you worrying about the present moment? The present is usually all right. If youíre worrying, youíre either agonizing over the past which you should have forgotten long ago, or else youíre apprehensive over the future which hasnít even come yet. We tend to skim right over the present moment which is the only moment God gives any of us to live. If you donít live the present moment, you never get around to living at all. And if you do live the present moment, you tend not to worry. For me, every moment is a new and wonderful opportunity to be of service. 


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