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"The object is not to win,
but to find the truth."


"I do not want to appear wise,
  I want to be wise."


"As badly as we abuse it,
 true freedom is always
 a worthy goal."



"We should never be too quick
  or so certain to proclaim
  we know the mind of God
  or the heart
   of another human being."


In light of the above quote, allow me to share what I have often told those who have sought some spiritual input from me.  I explain that nobody should believe something just because I, or anyone else, say or believe it.  Each person must be able to validate a truth within themselves.  Typically, I muse that the Father and Jesus are not sitting around saying gee, william makes a pretty good point there, what say we change and do it his way. Whatever is the truth of God is the Truth.  If I convinced the whole world that I was right about something, but turned out to be wrong, I have benefited nobody - including myself. 


"Christ died to set me free from my sins, not to imprison me in religious dogma."


"I have not the need to challenge
everybody else’s beliefs
 — only to live my own."


"Science does not diminish faith. Science praises God as it brings to us a fuller knowledge of the awesome wonder and intricacies found in all of creation."


"You can argue or coerce someone into professing something, but you cannot argue them into believing it. Believing is a process which takes place inside each person individually."


"Every significant spiritual or healing journey begins by acknowledging the truth and entering into a genuine desire to embrace change."


"Our toys grow ever more complex, sophisticated, and entertaining, but when we are done distracting ourselves, we are still left with the basic mysteries of life."


   spell ignorance."


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"As a society,
we are only as good
as the value we place
 on the (perceived) least among us."


Jesus said He was the way, and the truth, and the life (John 14:6).  I believe I have found the Christ (Messiah) in the person of Jesus of Nazareth.  However, that does not preclude me from utilizing the multitudes of available knowledge and wisdom resources, other than the Bible, God has placed into this world.  Regardless of the path from which it comes . . .




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