I would like you to know that back in 2002 or 2003 when I originally set this page up I tried using a nice FrontPage template with those cute little circles you can click on to select yes or no, and fancy "reset" and "submit" buttons.  But I could not get them to work.  No matter how I tried to fix it, each time you clicked on one circle, it erased all the other ones.  You could answer one question, but that was all.  I usually regard such situations as the Spirit suggesting a different direction.  So, I decided maybe we should just talk, instead of you filling out a form. I've listed some things I would be interested in knowing below.  Of course, you do not need to limit your note to those. Tell me what you think about the website, my missions, or anything else that comes to mind.  I welcome your comments and suggestions. 

Was the site clear and easy to navigate?

Did you find any non-functioning links or command bars?

Did you have any trouble understanding the abbreviations used?

Did you notice any blatant grammatical or spelling errors, or find incorrect information?

Within the scope of the themes throughout the site, what might be added,
that would be of particular interest to you, or help you on your journey?

For sheer lack of time, I am not on Facebook, Twitter, My Space, or any other external social or informational online sites.  The sole way to be kept informed about any of my work, receive newsletters, or get updates about changes to this website, is by adding your contact information to my email list.  You need to initiate this.  Even though Cherokee Bill's Teaching & Trade Center, a touch of william, and the wsharing website each have their own email address, all informational emails and updates are released using the same email list (atow/CBTC).  If you are interested in receiving updates and informational emails, click on the link below.  The simplest way to request this is to copy and paste (or type) "add me to your atow/CBTC email list" into the subject line.  This clearly identifies your email as not being spam.  I do not send spam to you either.  If you ever see anything questionable which appears to come from one of my addresses, just do not open it.  Do not report it as spam or you might inadvertently block legitimate emails from me.  Let me know if the problem persists.  When I send emails, I clearly state the topic in the subject line.  This way you can choose to read, or not, those which do not pertain to your primary area of interest. 

Thank you for visiting the wsharing site, and for your time and assistance in helping to monitor and improve it.  Below you will find my contact information.   I am an Independent Affiliate of the Teaching & Sharing Centers (IRS approved 501c3 public charity) organization.  For contact information for the T&SC, or any of its other affiliates, see the T&SC website at 

When emailing me, the phrase "visited your site" in the subject line of your email is very helpful.  It  readily identifies yours as a legitimate email, and reduces the possibility of your email accidentally being deleted as spam. 

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