Teaching & Sharing Center of Grand Ledge
Lending Library


The lending library began simply with the materials william was reading, or using, in his own journey.  He did not see any logic in sticking them away in a closet, or placing them on a shelf never to be referred to again.  It now has hundreds of materials relating to the entire array of aspects of the Teaching & Sharing Centers corporation and a touch of william ministries; including, more Christian "walk" books than the local public library.  But books are not the only things.  Videos, audio cassettes, and CDs also line the shelves.  Scripture, Photography, Native American, and in particular, Cherokee reference materials have special individual sections (note: due to space limitations, Cherokee reference materials are now located upstairs in the CBTC area).  And, while the Center is primarily focused on working with adults, there is a children's materials area with a variety of videos and books just for them.  Many of these materials would be good resources for those who are home schooling.  There is no cost to utilize the lending library on site or to borrow items.  You do, however, need to be a member of the Teaching & Sharing Centers, or be on the poet's circle mailing list to check items out.  


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