Teaching & Sharing Center of Grand Ledge
 417 South Bridge Street, Grand Ledge, MI 48837 
Teaching & Sharing Centers (non-profit corporation IRS approved 501c3 public charity)
Cherokee Bill's Teaching & Trade Center
~ a touch of william Studio/Gallery


The Center
is a part of
the william's
works branch
of the T&SC,
as it primarily
houses aspects
pertaining to
the endeavors
of william.
It is open by






 find some

quiet time


prayer room
photos & info



  a special treasure or gift . . .

Trade Center (gift shop) photos & info




browse through our
lending library of


VHS videos


audio tapes

and CDs

lending library photos
and information



  where you can view the works of other artists (above right: The Rose by DeAnna Williams),
framed photography of william, and a few unique or special items

more upstairs photos





plus you will want to leave some time

to check out the

Cherokee Heritage and Arts display

in Cherokee Bill's Teaching Center

(also upstairs)

display photos & information




Just one block south of the downtown Grand Ledge traffic light . . .

check when in the area to see if the open sign is out. . .

or call to arrange an appointment prior to making a special trip.

417 South Bridge St, Grand Ledge, MI 48837
william's cell phone 627-7366




The Teaching & Sharing Center [of Grand Ledge] first opened its doors in October 1994. It remains the primary tangible location where someone can connect face to face with the Teaching & Sharing Centers organization, and affiliated ministries. I think that is important in this increasingly anonymous culture of online interaction. But, it has been difficult over the years for people, including myself, not to confuse the Teaching & Sharing Center [of Grand Ledge] as what I (or we) do. The Center is a tool, not the ministry, and not the goal.  It has no mission statement of its own, and never has, precisely because it exists to serve the missions, and ministries, which operate from the 417 South Bridge St address, not to be the publicly focused one. Seen by me in its early years as a practical artistic expression, there are many useful and interesting aspects of the Teaching & Sharing Center of Grand Ledge, even though it is more like a "base camp" location. So, the library, gift shop, prayer room, and gallery areas are all open to the public by appointment (or if I happen to be at the Center working). When Paul Pretzlaff, a past T&SC President, said, "every hospital I've ever been in has a gift shop, but the gift shop is not what the hospital is about," I thought it was a perfect analogy for the Center. Basically, God called me back in 1994 to be a missionary from right here where I was already located. As a mission tool, the Center has seen many changes over the years. Yet, it remains a very special place of peace. I hope you have an opportunity to visit and feel this place apart in the midst of it.*  You are most welcome. 


* "A place apart in the midst of it" is how Rick McKenzie, one of the three T&SC incorporators, and a former  Vice-president of the organization, described the Teaching & Sharing Center of Grand Ledge in its early days. 

For those who might wish to have regular access to the Center, becoming an involved member of the Teaching & Sharing Centers non-profit makes you eligible for the keyholder program. A membership application can be found on the T&SC website (www.tscenters.org). 


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