(sort of a site map - but really more of an explanation)

The wsharing site is designed as a place you come and explore.  It is not just a quick in and out where you get your piece of information then hit the road.  Many pages will only become known to you, and are only accessible, through other pages, however  .  .  . 


The page you entered when you typed in the main wsharing (.com, .net, or .org) site address is the "index" page.  As is the case with most sites, throughout the site it is referred to as my  HOME  page  Click on the word  HOME  on any menu to come back to the beginning.  There are several basic options which are linked to this HOME page. 


Along the top of the page (above the photo) are several shortcuts to main areas, as well as a "What Is New" link primarily for those who are regular or return visitors. This new page link can only be found on the HOME page. Since it appears nowhere else on the site, use your back button, or perhaps tag it as a favorite, to go back and forth from it. 

The first two main choices on the HOME page are my core pages (there used to be five).

 a touch of william      Cherokee Bill's Teaching & Trade Center    

One of these first two may be where you will want to start, unless you already know you are looking for a specific topical index like Scrapbook Photos or Poetry & Pictures.  Also, if you are seeking the Teaching & Sharing Centers or one of its affiliate pages, they are no longer located within this site.  We have set up a separate site for the corporation (, and the third link on my HOME page will take you to that site.  

 Teaching & Sharing Centers

There are a few additional direct links on the HOME page.  You already know this "how to navigate this site" page is linked there.  Other links are: 

proper crediting
If you use or display my photography anywhere, this section on the "a touch of william" page explains how I prefer you acknowledge where you got the photo from.

tells a little about my journey, philosophies, and why and how you might help.

 Peace Pilgrim
takes you to my links pages to access the Friends of Peace Pilgrim website link.
Her pilgrimage story has greatly impacted all I do in my endeavors

 Scrapbook Photos      Poetry & Pictures      Picture of the Week
The table of contents pages for "Scrapbook Photos" and my poetry and photography combinations are linked to the HOME page simply for convenience,
as is an option to go directly to my Picture of the Week selection.

 John Two-Hawks
This takes you to my links index where a link to his website is prominently displayed.
John helped set up and graciously provided the music for my original HOME page.

 Golgotha Cross
I have many people remark, or ask, about the crosses I wear.
An explanation is linked under my photo at the bottom of the HOME page.


The whole site used to revolve around the five primary choices on the HOME page, and a COMMON MENU found on each of them.  With the Teaching & Sharing Center(s) becoming a Michigan non-profit corporation, the COMMON MENU changed.  But, the site still functions pretty much the same with this menu as the chief navigator.  There are thirteen choices in seven rows now on the COMMON MENU.  This menu is the same on each page where it appears, and the links always go to the same place regardless of which page you accessed them from. The link color changes, so you will readily know what you have already visited.  The COMMON MENU is found on each of the pages listed in its links except the HOME page.  Each of the COMMON MENU pages (those the links lead to) has an emphasis, and often has several items only reachable through that individual page.  However, using the COMMON MENU will connect you to virtually every option throughout this website.  The thirteen are: 

 Poetry & Pictures
takes you to a table of contents for combinations of my poetry and photography,
usually set up in topical arrangements.

 Scrapbook Photos
takes you to a table of contents for my photography pages, which are sometimes
just pictures of mine, but usually include information about the photos.

 Quotes & Philosophies
takes you to a table of contents for the various quotes and philosophies pages
which normally are placed in and around my photography.

 Teaching & Sharing Center of Grand Ledge - 417 South Bridge St
This is about the original Center, the Teaching & Sharing Center of Grand Ledge,
located at 417 South Bridge Street in Grand Ledge, Michigan.
 Several pages attached to it have photos of the various rooms or areas of the Center

  Feedback-Contact-Add To Email List
is just what it says - a page asking for some feedback from you about the site.
It provides basic information and has an email option to me.
It also tells how to get added to my atow/CBTC email list for updates and other info.

 Toward Better Health
is an introductory/informational page with options to access additional pages
about the herbal, natural, and vitamin products I use and how to purchase them,
along with a food page with some heart healthy information.

   is information about and where to make a contribution to help with what I do.
It includes an online opportunity to do so (also has a link on my HOME page).


is the table of contents for the various newsletters I have written.
Many are just excerpts since much newsletter information is time sensitive

is a page of some primary links for those who helped in the initial set-up of this site,
followed by a table of contents for additional topical links pages (lots of links).

 Navigating the Site
That is the page you are on right now.
You can return here from any page with a COMMON MENU.

 Cherokee Bill's Teaching & Trade Center
is information on Cherokee and Native American related topics and my work.

 a touch of william
is information about my photography, poetry, and related work.
All of the photography throughout this site is mine unless specifically noted.

is the wsharing index (opening) page.

Moving in and out of these COMMON MENU pages will eventually get you everywhere in the entire site.  The menu looks like this, and is usually at the bottom (sometimes middle if there are additional indexes or tables of contents) of the page it is on: 

[Poetry & Pictures Books]  [Scrapbook Photos]  [Quotes & Philosophies]

[Teaching & Sharing Center of Grand Ledge - 417 South Bridge St]

[Feedback-Contact-Add To Email List]  [Toward Better Health]

[Donations]  [Newsletters]  [Links]  [Navigating the Site]

[Cherokee Bill's Teaching & Trade Center]

[a touch of william]



 The pages in this site are created viewing an 800 x 600 pixel screen resolution.
 The site will best present itself using that same setting if it is available.


Just a quick reminder and review;  the above COMMON MENU appears on each of the main pages to which it connects you, except the HOME page. The menu selections always take you to the same entry pages, no matter where you are clicking on them from.  The menu text changes colors when you use a link, which will be your clue that you have already visited certain COMMON MENU pages, often referred to as primary pages. 

 Did you know when using Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox,
 you can push F11 on your keyboard to get a full(er) screen view of the pages?

The vast majority of what is on the website can be accessed through the COMMON MENU shown (above).  However, I will mention a few items of special interest, or things people have asked me about, and their specific locations.  Some of these are: 

Email (contacting me) - There is a clickable email link to my wsharing website email address on the already mentioned  Feedback-Contact-Add To Email List  page on the COMMON MENU.  Just click on it and it should open your regular email program already showing my email address in the "to" section.  Using "visited your website" in the "subject" area cuts down on the possibility of my mistaking your email as spam.  

Histories - These used to appear right on many of the primary pages but are now separate links, each from the primary page to which it relates. 

My Products & Photography Services - These are actually separate links which appear only on the atow primary page. They lead to pages explaining my limited services and where to find my products (other than at Cherokee Bill's Trade Center). 

WOW - william's picture of the week page is the first of two pages which are the only spots in the entire wsharing site where I place large image files for you to copy and save, if you so desire.  Links to it are found on the HOME page, atow primary page, and in the alphabetical cross index list on the Scrapbook Photos table of contents page. 

Cherokee History: Text & Photo Timeline - This link on the CBTC primary page displays a timeline of Cherokee history supplemented by photos I have taken at various Cherokee historical sites.  The CBTC page is the only place you will find this link

Cherokee Historical Sites - Also on the CBTC page, this link takes you to the Scrapbook Photos table of contents page, where Cherokee historical sites are outlined in green. 


Note: when you click on the Teaching & Sharing Centers option on the top of the HOME page you are taken to a whole different website (URL) than this one.  There are no longer routine links in the organization's pages which take you to the wsharing COMMON MENU nor vice versa, because of the two sites being separate entities (URLs).  Links between the sites can be found in the links pages of each site.   Or, if you click there accidentally and need to return here, you can always use your "back" button. 


Well, that is pretty much it.  As you explore, you will find many pages which have individualized links for other pages relating to that page, such as "additional quotes," "more photos," etc.  You will want to watch for these because, since the site is photo intensive (photos take longer to open on slower systems), I try not to make any one page too long, and use them quite often.  There is no common index for these types of pages. You can only access them, or even know they exist, when you visit the page they are tied to.  Like most sites, links you have already visited will appear in a different color or hue, but there is plenty to see, so enjoy your journey.  Now, where would you like to start? 

[Poetry & Pictures Books]  [Scrapbook Photos]  [Quotes & Philosophies]

[Teaching & Sharing Center of Grand Ledge - 417 South Bridge St]

[Feedback-Contact-About Email List]  [Toward Better Health]

[Donations]  [Newsletters]  [Links]  [Navigating the Site]

[Cherokee Bill's Teaching & Trade Center]

[a touch of william]