Much of the upstairs at the Center is taken up by my work areas.  But, it is also home to the "a touch of william" studio gallery,  Cherokee Bill's Teaching Center including the Cherokee Heritage & Arts display (shown on its own separate page), and some casual areas.  The permanent gallery displays works of various artists as well as my own "out of print" enlargements.  A unique piece hanging above the stairs is an original advertisement poster for "The Sound Of Music," given to me in the year of its release by my uncle who owned the theater where I worked as a teenager; after he was done displaying it during its run.  There is plenty to see and learn about upstairs. 

So what do you do with over 16,000 35mm photographs?
organize - organize - organize



That above question and the three pictures remain from when this page was originally created and I was still taking photographs primarily with my 35mm camera.  Those images are still organized in the shown files upstairs, and are frequently scanned for use in this website.  But today, of course, I take all pictures using my digital camera.  And, the count has soared to over 100,000 images. 


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