"Every hospital I've ever been in has a gift shop,
  but the gift shop is not what the hospital is about."
- Paul Pretzlaff (Past T&SC President)
Cherokee Bill's Trade Center (The Gift Shop)

The opening quote holds true for Cherokee Bill's Teaching & Trade Center, as well as the Teaching & Sharing Centers corporation, the Teaching & Sharing Center of Grand Ledge, and a touch of william. However, we do indeed have a gift shop, which is what this page is about.  What will you find at the Trade Center?  Quite a variety actually;  products relating to each of the aspects (Christian, First Nations, Nature-Spirit-Expression, etc) of the T&SC and atow/CBTC.  Including: 


The poetry and photography of william.  Although the last of the Poetry & Pictures books which started it all have been moved to a reading area in the a touch of william studio/gallery, william's poems and pictures still line the shelves of Cherokee Bill's Trade Center, along with the inspiring words of others, Native American sayings and quotes, and wisdom from scripture. 


Handcrafted Cherokee items and the works of Cherokee artists like Pat McAllister . . .
. . . along with other Cherokee products.


Plus items from, and about,

other indigenous people

(Indians), both handcrafted

and commercially produced.


Additional handcrafted items and works of art from rag rugs to limited edition prints.


 Commercially mass-produced and recycled artwork for those with a smaller budget.

The music (CDs) of John Two-Hawks, Brother Seamus, John Michael Talbot and others.

Special DVDs, books, and so much more . . .



Additionally . . .

there are many special order items available


for members of the T&SC organization there is
a substantial discount program
based on consecutive years of membership.


It has been estimated that as much as half of all Native American crafts sold as an indigenous American Indian work are actually mass produced elsewhere. Cherokee Bill's Trade Center handles both handcrafted and commercially produced items, but clearly labels them.  If you have been fraudulently sold an item (elsewhere of course *smile*) represented as hand crafted which turned out not to be, a complaint can be filed through the:

Indian Arts & Crafts Board


Since the Teaching & Sharing Center of Grand Ledge is the corporate main office we work out of (as opposed to the location we specifically work at), Cherokee Bill's Trade Center open hours vary. The gift shop is available also by appointment, and usually whenever there is something going on at the Center.  Most mornings I am working on this website and emails in my office at home (419 next door to the Center) where I have an Internet connection.  Do not hesitate to ask for a special time though.  Flexibility of hours is the only way I can get all the work done.  This is small town America.  It is OK to stop by and knock on my door, or ask me to open the place up if you see me out working on the grounds, or even running errands. 

- william (Cherokee Bill)

417 S Bridge St (second block south of the downtown light since 1994)
cell phone (517) 627-7366


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