Cherokee Bill's Teaching Center
(Heritage & Arts Displays)


CBTC Heritage and Arts Displays are located upstairs at 417 SBS. Cherokee Bill's Teaching Center introduces visitors to a culture and history that most are quite surprised to discover.  You can learn much about this by visiting the CBTC primary page (particularly the Cherokee Timeline) and both current, and future, scrapbook photo pages found elsewhere in this site.  The story of the Cherokee Nation is a pretty incredible combination of achievement and sadness.  Facing the truth of these real episodes in the American saga can help us see who we have been as a people - all of us.  It can also guide us in determining who we wish to become.  





I have a good selection of Cherokee reference materials (books, videos, computer presentations, etc) available for use on site in this heritage and arts display area.  In fact, if Cherokee history is new to you, I have a personal introduction to it I present using the display.  If you are interested, drop by the Center when it is open or call for an appointment.  I enjoy taking the time for it.