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The three Federally recognized Cherokee nations or "tribes" are capitalized and shown in this color.
Historic sites and museums are also this color but not capitalized.

All Things Cherokee

Blue Ridge National Heritage Area

Cherokee (Wikipedia)

Cherokee Community of the Inland Empire

Cherokee Culture & History

Cherokee Days

Cherokee Heritage Center

Cherokee Heritage Groups

Cherokee Heritage Documentation Center

Cherokee Historical Association

Cherokee History

Cherokee History As You've Never Heard It
United Keetoowah Band

Cherokee History Links

Cherokee Language (Wikipedia)

Cherokee in North Georgia

Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Cherokee Nation Cultural Tourism

Cherokee Nation Enterprises

Cherokee Nation History

Cherokee Nation Housing

Cherokee Phoenix Newspaper

Cherokee Phoenix Newspaper 1828-1834 Archives

Cherokee PINS Project

Cherokee Preservation Foundation EBCI (Wikipedia)

Cherokee Principal Chiefs

Cherokee Removal

Cherokee Removal Scenes Ellijay, Georgia, 1838

Cherokee Southwest Township

Cherokee Traditions
Western Carolina University Digital Collections

[The] Cherokee Trail of Tears (Jesse Smith)

Cherokee Tribe

Cherokees of California

Cherokees of Orange County

Chieftains Museum

Chieftains Trail

Colorado Cherokee Circle

Crystalinks - Cherokee Nation

Chief Vann House

Dragging Canoe (Wikipedia)

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians
Cherokee, North Carolina

Cherokee, North Carolina

Elias Boudinot (Wikipedia)

English/Cherokee Lexicon

Facts for Kids

First Language - The Race To Save Cherokee

First People of Tennessee

Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee

[Diane] Glancy

History of the Kituwah People

How the Brutal Trail of Tears Got Its Name

Important Dates in Cherokee History


Indian Women's Pocahontas Club
(Oklahoma's oldest continuous chartered club)

Internet Sacred Text Archive

John Ridge (Wikipedia)

John Ross (Wikipedia)

Junaluska (by Maude McCulloch 1916)

Junaluska (Wikipedia)

Junaluska Memorial & Museum


Kituwa Mound

Kuwiskuwi (Bruce Ross)

Legend of Tsali (by James Mooney in 1891)

Legend of Tsali

Major Ridge (Wikipedia)

Marshall Trilogy

Museum of the Cherokee Indian

Oconaluftee Indian Village

Oconaluftee Indian Village

Official Site of Will Rogers

Voices of the Cherokee People

National Museum of the American Indian
Cherokee Collections

Native Languages of the Americas

New Echota - Georgia State Historical Site

Red Clay State Historic Park

Samuel Worcester (Wikipedia)

San Diego Cherokee Community

Sequoyah (Wikipedia)

Sequoyah Birthplace

Sequoyah's Cabin

Snowbird Cherokee

Stand Watie (Wikipedia)

Trail of Tears Association

Trail of Tears - Master Menu - Research OnLine

Trail of Tears National Historic Trail
National Park Service

Trail Of Tears NHT North Carolina Chapter

Trail of Tears Research OnLine

Trail Of Tears Short Documentary

[The] Trail Where They Cried
nu na hi du na tlo hi lu i

Tsalagi (Cherokee) Literature

Tsali (NCpedia)

Tsali (Wikipedia)

Tsali's Hatchet (historical fiction)

Undocumented Cherokees


Vestiges of the Trail of Tears in Georgia

Visit Cherokee Nation

Walking in Two Worlds:
Vann Family and the Cherokee Nation

When Cherokees Were Cherokees

Wikipedia - Cherokee

Will Rogers Memorial Museums

WW Cherokee Links

Yonaguska (Wikipedia)


Some of the links above and below do not have a history with the Teaching & Sharing Centers, or my photography, but have been provided because they provide new, different, or substantial additional Cherokee or Indigenous links or information. Like with any topic, there are many "versions" of the truth when it comes to Cherokee (or any First Nations) history.  I encourage you to remember, a healthy discernment should always be a part of the process when searching for the actual truth.  Also, at times people forget that American Indians grew and evolved just like everybody else did (and we still do). Some would have us remain a stereotype for their own gratification, but change is a part of life.  What we do seem to do better than most, is hold onto the best and important dynamics of tradition and history, as we blossom in today's world, the way our Creator intended us to. 


Other American Indian and related sites . . .


The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian opened to the public on my birthday in 2004.  Finances usually preclude such things, but when solicited by mail to become a charter member a year before that opening, I responded, "My native heritage is too far back generationally to be 'officially' anything.  Yet, God has guided me to honor that heritage in what He has called me to do with my life.  So I guess I will give you that gift for my birthday.  Even though it is only the minimum, may God bless both of our endeavors to honor the great heritage we bring to this — our — nation."  Though I have been unable to afford a visit there, I feel proud to be a small part of the NMAI.  The below links take you to some of their  pages.  The search page is an ongoing endeavor to make nearly every item in their vast archives visually accessible to all of us, along with information pertaining to the object or artifact. 



National Museum of the American Indian (home page)

National Museum of the American Indian Videos

National Museum of the American Indian Search Page

American Indian Removal (3 minute kids video)



Native Circle
"the longest running Native American educational site on the web"


500 Nations

American Indian College Fund

Amy Boswell (Cherokee/Choctaw)

Black Swamp InterTribal Foundation

Booth Western Art Museum

Cahokia Mounds

Chimney Rock Archaeological Area

Contact Information for the Tribes
of the USA and Canada

Council of Indian Nations

Eagle's Wings Ministry

Etowah Indian Mounds (Mississippian Indians)

Five Civilized Tribes Museum

Fort de Buade Museum in St Ignace, Michigan

Funk Heritage Center (Southeastern Indians)

Honoring The Ancestors (Robin McBride Scott)

Indian Arts & Crafts Board

Indian Life Ministries

Institute of American Indian Arts

John Two-Hawks (Lakota)

Mascots - The Damage Defined
see also

 Michigan Indians Archive Library

Michigan State University American Indian Studies

Mystery of the Trees


National Center for
Great Lakes Native American Culture or

National Congress of American Indians

Native America On The Web

Native Americans
in the History of the Great Lakes

Native Americans
of North America Archive Library

Native Networks
Film and Video Center of the NMAI

Nokomis Learning Center in Okemos, Michigan

NPR report on Native Foster Care in SD

Ocmulgee National Monument

Oklahoma Historical Society
Museums & Historic Sites

Pow Wow of Love at Michigan State University

Rich-Heape Films, Inc

St Ignace Museum of Ojibwa Culture (Michigan)

Trail of Tears

Trail of Tears (Wikipedia)

Trail Of Tears Documentary

Trail Tree Project

Washita Battlefield National Historic Site

Weeya Smith (Southeast Woodland)

Wiconi International

Ziibiwing Center


Recommendations & Requests Made By Teachers & Others


Links Submission Criteria For Adding Links To My Site


1st Tribal Lending

100 Years: One Woman's Fight For Justice

Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum

Akta Lakota Museum and Cultural Center

Anasazi Heritage Center

Amazing Grace in Cherokee

American Indian Science and Engineering Society

Aztec Ruins National Monument

Bacone College

Descendants of Freedmen
of the Five Civilized Tribes Association

Denver March Powwow

Chickasaw Cultural Center

Coushatta Pow Wow

Eiteljorg Museum

Eyaawing Museum

First Nations Development Institute

Frisco Native American Museum

Gathering of Nations Powwow in New Mexico

Gilcrease Museum

Grants For Low Income Native Americans

[John Peabody] Harrington

History of Native Jewelry

Hunting Moon Pow Wow

Index of Native American Resources

Indian Country Media Network

Joseph Marshall III (Lakota)


Julyamsh Powwow

Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina

Marvin “Joe” Curry Veterans Pow Wow

Mashantucket Pequot Museum

Mesa Verde National Park

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

Native American Homes
Common Traditional Dwellings of Local Cultures

Native People's Magazine

Native Report


Northern Plains Reservation Aid

Red Cloud School (Lakota/Christian)

Remember Native Americans

Running Strong for American Indian Youth

Partnership With Native Americans

St Joseph's Indian School

St Labre Indian School

Salmon Ruins

Southern Ute Cultural Center

Southwest Indian Relief Council

Southwest Reservation Aid

Standing Bear Park

Thunder & Lightning Pow Wow

Tribal Organizations

United Tribes International Powwow
in North Dakota

Vision Maker Media


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