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The "Nature" piece of our Nature-Spirit-Expression slogan relates to all of God's creation, including us. All the earth is God's holy garden, I wrote in one of my poems. How we treat it matters. The translated "dominion" we are given in Genesis, and often use as free license to do whatever we selfishly want with the abundant resources, is really about stewardship. Think of it this way. If the owner of a huge estate decided to take a trip around the world, and put you totally in charge of (dominion over) everything, do you think he, or she, does not care if you kill off all his livestock, and any other animals on the estate. Or, if you cut down all the trees, bulldoze the meadows, and dump garbage into the ponds, lakes, and streams. The likelihood, when you were given "dominion," was it came with a reasonable expectation that you would actually take good care of all that was there for you to use, but also to watch over. And that when he, or she, returned, the estate would be found in as good, or better, condition than when it was placed into your hands. 




What is this "dominion" God has

given us?  As we enjoy His creation,

are we being good caretakers?




All Faith Based Initiatives & Organizations


Bible and Ecology

Earth Ministry

Eco-Justice Ministries

Evangelical Environmental Network


Let All Creation Praise

Michigan Interfaith Power and Light

Voices for Earth Justice

Web of Creation




Government Sites - All Levels


Birding For Beginners

Discover The Forest

Energy Star

 Environmental Protection Agency (U.S.)

FoodKeeper App

Forest Service (USDA)

Licensed Rehabilitators


Michigan Department of Natural Resources

National Park Service (U.S.)

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Plants Database

Prevent Wildfires (Smokey Bear)

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Yosemite Nature Notes




Local & State (Michigan) Initiatives & Organizations


Blandford Nature Center

Eaton County Parks

Environment Michigan (PIRGIM)

Fenner Nature Center (Friends of Fenner)

Fernwood Botanical Garden and Nature Preserve

Hart Animal Control

Hidden Lake Gardens

Kalamazoo Nature Center

Michigan Agriculture Environmental
Assurance Program

Michigan Arbor Day Alliance

Michigan Audubon


Michigan Forest Association

Michigan Nature Association

Michigan Water Stewardship program

Michigan Wildlife Conservancy

Mid-Michigan Land Conservancy

Oil & Water Don't Mix

Pierce Cedar Creek Institute

Sasha Farm
(Sanctuary And Safe Haven for Animals)

Sierra Club Mackinac Chapter

Wildflower Association of Michigan

Woldumar Nature Center

[The] Wolves and Moose of Isle Royale




National (or Regional) & International Organizations & Initiatives



African Wildlife Foundation

Alliance to Save Energy

American Bear Association
& Wildlife Sanctuary

American Forests

American Green

American Horticultural Society

[The] American Society
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Animal Welfare Institute

Appalachian Bear Rescue

Black Bear Conservation Coalition

Born Free USA


Clean Water Action

CMC Ocean

Conservation International

Coral Restoration Foundation Projects

[The] Cousteau Society

Defenders of Wildlife

Discover The Forest

Ducks Unlimited

Earth 911

Earth Focus

Earth Island Institute

Earth Policy Institute

Earth Share



[The] Elephant Sanctuary

Environmental Defense

Food & Water Watch

Forest Stewardship Council

Friends of Animals

Friends Of The Earth

[The] Gorilla Foundation

Great Lakes Clean Water Organization

Great Lakes Information Network

Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association

Great Smoky Mountains Association

Green America

[The] Green Guide


[The] Humane Society of the United States

International Fund for Animal Welfare


International Primate Protection League

International Union for Conservation of Nature

Jubilee Economics

Lake Champlain Basin Program


[The] Merwin Conservancy


[The] National Arbor Day Foundation

National Audubon Society

National Forest Foundation

National Geographic Society

National Park Foundation

National Wildlife Federation

NWF eNature


Natural Resources Defense Council

[The] Nature Conservancy

North American Bear Center

North Country Trail Association

[The] Ocean Conservancy

Oceanic Preservation Society

[The] OneEarth Project

Our Children's Trust

Pheasants Forever

Primarily Primates

Public Lands Alliance

Rainforest Alliance

Save Our Environment

Save The Redwoods League

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

[The] Sierra Club

Student Conservation Association

Trees, Water & People

Trout Unlimited

Union of Concerned Scientists

Urban Wildlife Rescue

USA National Phenology Network

Vital Ground

Wild Ones

[The] Wilderness Society

Wildlife Conservation Society

Wildlife Land Trust

William Holden Wildlife Foundation

World Animal Protection

World Wildlife Fund




Nature Related Miscellaneous


American Green Consulting Group, LLC

Animal Welfare Approved (AWA food label)

Astronomers Without Borders

Barry Spruce Photography

Beacon Springs (Certified Living Building)

Consumption by the United States

Cougar Release

Dartmoor Zoological Park (We Bought A Zoo)

Disneynature Chimpanzee

Eat Local challenge

Fountain Prairie Inn & Farms

Gardens Alive


Great Lakes Now

Grey Owl (the writer) Archibald Stansfeld Belaney

High Tide / Low Tide! Michael Marten

Impact Foundation

Keep America Beautiful


Made Safe

Mountain Stewards

Nature (on PBS)

New England Waterfalls

Nontoxic Certified

Osprey - the ultimate fisher

Paperworks Studio

[The] Photo Ark (National Geographic Society)

Polly Products

Queen Bee Apiary

Reflection Riding

Saving Scales Reptile Rescue

Solar System is a Vortex

Spiders Are Not Insects

[The] Story of Stuff

Sustainable America

Vitamin Angels

Wild December

Winter (from Dolphin Tale)
Clearwater Marine Aquarium




Recommendations and Requests Made By Teachers and Others





10 Helpful Tips For Beginning Gardeners

10 Ways to Use Extra Garden Vegetables

11 Facts To Inspire You To Go Meatless

All About Oceans

All About Green Careers for Students

Attracting Hummingbirds

Award Winning Ideas To Save Energy
At Home/Offices 2020 Updated Guide

Audubon Guide Birding Gear

Basic Guide to Tree Identification

Beginners Birdwatching Guide

Black Bear Solar Institute

Botany Activities and Lesson Plans

Build Your Own Birdhouse

[The] Buzz on Beekeeping: A Guide to
Bringing Up Bees in Your Own Backyard

Clean Water Fund

Data Science and Sustainability

Dawn Saves Wildlife

[The] Definitive Guide To Gardening For Kids

Dental and Skull Anatomy of
Carnivores, Herbivores, and Omnivores

Dolphin Project

Dylan Winter and the Starling Murmurations

[10 Tips for] Eco-Friendly Gardening

EGLE Classroom

You Ever Wanted to Know About Water

Food Waste Resources

Garden Better
With Biodiversity & Wild Pollinators

Gardening At Home With Kids


Green Degrees & Careers
Affordable Colleges Online

Growing Fragrant Herbs

Guide To Composting At Home

Guide To Green Careers

Guide to Herbivores,
Omnivores, and Carnivores

Home Container Gardening Guide

Home Gardening Guide for the Family

Hope for Wildlife


How Data Science Helps
Conquer The Global Water Crisis

[The] Impact of Seafood

Importance of Eco Friendly Cars

Inland Seas Education Association

Into The Outdoors

Most Common Gardening Myths

National Wildlife Federation Lesson Plans

Seeds of Change

Seed Savers Exchange

Shipping by Sea
A Look at Bodies of Water Around the World

Smoking Cigarettes Effect on the Environment

Sustainable Home Decor Guide:
Ethical and Eco-Friendly Design Tips

Why Go Vegan



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