Eaton Rapids Campmeeting

Eaton Rapids, Michigan

Eaton Rapids Holiness Camp Meeting

The Michigan State Holiness Association



In case you are wondering, the literature and advertising uses both "Camp Meeting" and "Campmeeting" in referring to the ERC summer event.  Though spell check keeps annoying me regarding it, I have chosen most often, in these pages, to use Campmeeting since that is what it says at the entrance to the Eaton Rapids Camp. 


Until these two girls (photo below) decided splashing was a good and fun way to cool off on a hot summer day in 2007, I had still not taken any people pictures at ERC.  In fact I was out on a walk trying to decide what kinds of shots I wanted to take when they provided the perfect inspiration.  Canoeing was pretty popular that day, so I added several more of others as well.  Most of my people images though are from 2009 with a few additional ones in 2010. 


Before we move away from the shore, are you wondering how the impromptu splash contest turned out?  Well, let's just say it is nice the river is typically shallow enough in this area that it can allow for a little such fun.  Oops . . .


All that canoeing could certainly work up an appetite for a trip to the snack shop which is one of the more popular destinations on the grounds.  The ERC brochure provides this description, "Located across from the Tabernacle, the Snack Shop is a favorite place to meet old friends and make new ones. It is open before and after each service for tasty ice cream, floats, sundaes, shakes, pop, and candy. WiFi is also available in the Snack Shop."  I slipped in before the crowds to get a number of these pictures.  Once the people pack the place, pictures are more difficult. 


Appetites can also be taken care of at the cafeteria three times each day. Text from the brochure: "The cafeteria serves home-cooked meals during campmeeting.  Great meals are served daily at a reasonable price.  Come enjoy this great alternative to cooking during campmeeting and share in the fellowship with others.  All are welcome!" 

The cafeteria has a number of interesting and historical items on display as a part of the decor.  Like with the snack shop, I took these photos between primary serving times to avoid having to shoot through and around the crowds. 


In addition to cottages and campsites, a hotel (below) stands on the property.  I do not recall ever having been inside it, but Kenn and Dot had some interesting stories about staying there.   The brochure describes it thus, "The Grace Hotel is located at the end of Grand River Road along the banks of the Grand River.  The hotel offers modest, rustic style accommodations at very reasonable rates.  The lobby and screened porch provide common areas for reading, visiting with friends, and relaxing.  There is also a refrigerator and microwave in the lobby available for guest use." 

Across campus from the hotel is a small building (pictured second row below) . . .  "Located on the west side of the Tabernacle, the bookstore is open before and after services. You will find a selection of Christian books, music, gift items, and Bibles.  The campmeeting speakers often make their books available in the bookstore." 


Speaking of the Tabernacle, it is the hub of the wheel.  Daily worship services, Bible studies, and other sundry meetings keep it a busy place.  I will share images of both its active times and the quiet in between on the next ERC page which can be accessed by clicking on the photo at right or at the bottom of this page. 

Kuester's cottage is also displayed on that page, along with some shots I simply liked but which did not necessarily find their way into the general layout of the primary topics. 




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