ERC Tabernacle

and Kuester Cottage

Eaton Rapids Holiness Camp Meeting

The Michigan State Holiness Association


The Tabernacle bell is usually rung to call people to worship services.  As already mentioned, daily worship services, Bible studies, and other sundry meetings keep the Tabernacle a busy place.  There is an historical marker close to the bell which I photographed and displayed below (eighth row down on the right).  The print is quite small at the size of picture I included on this page, so I have made it a clickable link to a larger image (same photograph) of the sign. 


If you walk down the center aisle of the Tabernacle and straight out into the street, the third house on the left (green place in the below picture) is the Kuester's cottage.  While it is obviously close to the Tabernacle, you should note its proximity to the ice cream parlor as well.  I cannot remember a single instance in all the years I was visiting when Kenn did not have us make a daily trip across the street for some ice cream, particularly after the evening service. 

Kenn and Dot's cottage reflects a fondness for the color yellow inside.  Although the walls remained unfinished (the cottages were referred to as wooden tents in the early days) and not insulated, it is decorated with artwork and wall hangings like any other home away from home.  It also has a front porch swing which is one of my favorite spots. 


I will finish up this visit to Eaton Rapids Camp with several shots I took which did not make it in elsewhere, but which I considered using as I was working through these pages.  I hope you have enjoyed your brief visit. If you have any interest in experiencing the campmeeting for yourself, I encourage you to visit their website for dates and details. 



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