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Saturday, October 16 (2010) was a beautiful fall day, and since I wanted some Apple Butter Festival pictures for these web pages, and a little bit of fall color, Donna and I headed over to Fenner. Throughout the years we have probably been to the Apple Butter Festival half a dozen or more times, but you do not always get weather as exceptional as this. 2010 was a good year in October here. Grand Ledge's Fall Color Cruise and Island Festival also had a lovely three days on the previous weekend. As is our usual routine, we went inside to look around before meandering outdoors. Outside we took in some of the activities, prior to embarking for a walk on the trails. 






      Signs Text:  Litter Does Matter!!!!

This Common Snapping Turtle was found in Metairie, Louisiana in June 2000 and taken to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans. The shell was constricted by a common plastic bottle ring that had gotten lodged there when the turtle was a juvenile. The ring was removed after these pictures were taken. When found, the turtle was over 10 inches long and had survived somehow for perhaps 4 to 6 years. As of October 2005, the turtle was still being cared for by staff of the New Orleans Zoo. [With sample of] Plastic rings from milk or water bottles. Litter in all forms affects animals in many different ways. 

My personal comment: I cut through any non-recyclable rings, plastic bags, etc. even before discarding in our regular trash bag. It is not that difficult a habit to get into. 













The downside of the festival days is you are not likely to see much wildlife with so many people actively around and on the trails. But there is always something out and about, like the above snake Donna noticed. Though wary of us, he did not hurry off, which was pretty cooperative for picture taking. Also, there had been little rain for quite a while by the time of the festival. This was the lowest I can ever remember seeing the woodland pond (images below). 



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