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I finished the original Tahlequah pages on April 20, 2010 and uploaded them to my website. Every so often, I receive an email commenting on them. On Monday morning December 23, 2018, I was blessed to receive the following email:

From: Mary Ann Casem
Sent: Sunday, December 23, 2018 10:27 AM
Subject: Better photo of Annie Fields Ballard



Hi, William,

My mother's family, the Conners, donated the photo of Annie Fields [Ballard] to the museum in Tahlequah. I have the original floating around here somewhere but in the meantime, here is a better copy for your scrapbook.

Best wishes,

Mary Ann Casem


The photo file Mary Ann attached to her email was 1546 x 1924 pixels with a file size of 11.9 MB. Being a little too large for quick display on my website, I reduced the size down to what you see here. I also changed it to a Jpeg format from a Tiff format. Both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox had trouble opening the .tif file. The original has exceptional clarity. This one turned out fairly well. 


While normally I do not display other than my own photography on my website, personal connections always make things feel more real. So, I thought the picture she sent was worth sharing. And, as with John Fog Keener (see "he was" link above Annie Fields Ballard photo on main page), many thanks to Mary Ann Casem for freely sharing her heritage. 


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