I originally created these as website pages for the Earthkeeping Team at my wife's church.  After a few years they revamped their site, but as I was reviewing these files in my computer, since all the photography was mine, I decided they could be modified slightly and nicely adapted for use in this Quotes & Philosophies section of the wsharing website.  Except for direct quotes the text is also mine and reflects my personal philosophies. 


If every animal on the planet had a vote, and could vote one species into extinction
[i.e. off the planet], how long do you think we [humans] would last?

- John White


 "All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth.
Man did not weave the web of life. He is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."

Chief Seattle (1854)

  Earthkeeping Perspective

Earthkeeping is as basic as picking up your own litter,
and teaching others to do so as well,
and as complex as impacting climate change
or other complicated issues.

Where do you fit into the picture?

The surrounding photos are from two consecutive days on the nature trails in the spring of 2008 in Fitzgerald Park in Grand Ledge.  Only about a third of the pictures taken of litter have been displayed here.


At the absolute minimum, we should each hold a selfish realization this earth is the only home we (and generations to come) have in this life.  Taking care of it saves our lives.  For those choosing a little more enlightened path, we might come to understand that, in Genesis, every time God created, He called it good. It was not all about us.  Everything was included. Should we be respecting that which God created?  We must decide if we believe everything is here just as playthings for us, or if God cares about other creatures, the plants, the bodies of water, the air, and the earth itself. 

Earthkeeping should be right behind a relationship with Jesus in every Christian's life.  It is not about a few people recycling, or using energy more efficiently.  It is an attitude, a way of life, and an entry into the truth of our very being.  "Dominion" is not a license to trash, or do whatever we want with creation.  It is a responsibility.  It is God's call to care for His earth - to be His earth keeper. 

So, start simply by just picking up after yourself, and then grow in your understanding and love for all of God's creation. You may be amazed at how easy and routine earthkeeping becomes. 


"The power of God is present at all places, even in the tiniest tree leaf"  (Martin Luther)
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