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"Order does not randomly or accidentally manifest itself
 out of disorder."


I always like to use a simple Lincoln Logs (or other building blocks) illustration for the reason I believe in intelligent design (God).  Regardless of how many times I might stand and dump a container of Lincoln Logs out, they will never randomly fall into a completed house. How any reasonably intelligent human being can believe the far more complex structures of the universe, or even just us (the human being), could come about accidentally is beyond my capacity to understand. 

By the way, let me mention, as we start, that since the first seven pages (13 quotes on each) of "william's quotes" seemed completed for some time, I decided to make this a whole new section rather than try to go back and expand that original grouping.   The two need to be entered separately.   


"There are plenty of people around trying to tell others the Good News of Jesus Christ.  I am trying to simply live the Good News of Jesus, the Christ, as the best real message I can offer."



"You have to be free to fail,
 or you are not free at all."



Finding Christ (getting to know Jesus) should be a freeing experience, not one of just a new kind of bondage.  Christianity has unfortunately traditionally best taught obedience and fear, subtly or blatantly.  Obedience can range anywhere from legalism to the simple inability to say no, out of guilt, in practical application.  Though faith and forgiveness are often given center stage verbally, in actuality I have seldom found them being applied in the actions of congregations.  I do not see where this has truly benefited very many people. 


"Relationship does not exist
 where one or the other is feared."



If "fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom," (Proverbs 9:10) that wisdom had better carry you quickly away from fear, to respect and trust, or you are going nowhere in your relationship with your Creator.  Fear destroys relationships.  That is why white people have never had much of a relationship with the rest of creation.  We fear wild things and the wilderness.  That which you fear, becomes that which you want to control or destroy.  


"The expression of love can be distorted, but love itself is never evil."


"I like Christianity, but hardly anybody in this country actually lives it.  I think it boils down to God (imagine Jesus speaking) saying something like this you are all screw-ups when it comes to absolute obedience, so do not get on your high horse and start judging others.  Just put your hand in mine and I will lead you through, and out of, this mess That is a God I am happy to give my life to." 


"My oneness with God is not that of purity of action and thought, but the purity of honest desire."


"Whether or not we seek the truth actively or earnestly; we are all still in the same boat."


Martin Luther King apparently said, "We arrived on different ships but we are in the same boat now."  People tend to forget this basic truth as various factions vie for superiority. 

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"We just quietly make ourselves available to teach, share and guide those who are ready."


"It is easier to put a smile
 on your face than
a smile in your heart."


"For all the knowledge technology has placed at our fingertips there remains an appalling lack of common sense."


Put another way . . .


"Our culture is very thing smart but truth stupid."


"Even life and death is not likely a matter of life and death, it is simply a matter of life here or life there."


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